A Look Inside Martin Lawrence’s Daughter Jasmin Lawrence And Eddie Murphy’s Son Eric Murphy’s Relationship
Jasmin Lawrence/Instagram

A Look Inside Martin Lawrence’s Daughter Jasmin Lawrence And Eddie Murphy’s Son Eric Murphy’s Relationship

What happens when the children of two comedy kings start dating?

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What happens when the children of two comedy kings begin dating? You get Black love and, of course, jokes. Martin Lawrence’s daughter Jasmin Lawrence, 26, and Eddie Murphy’s son Eric Murphy, 32, are officially a couple. While it’s unknown how long they have been dating, Eric revealed their relationship in June 2021 declaring that he was “Head over heels in LOVE” with Jasmin.

In July of that same year, the budding actress wrote a touching birthday tribute to Eric. “Happy birthday, my love! I’m so incredibly blessed to know you, to love you, and to have you by my side,” she wrote. “Cheers to many more blessings, laughs, and beautiful memories! I love you so much!! 🖤✨”

From there, the couple have shared more photos of each other and in January, Jasmin gave insight into their relationship and how they met. In an interview with InTouch Weekly, the Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules reality star shared that while her dad and Eric’s dad have starred in two movies together, they aren’t responsible for introducing them. “My uncle actually introduced us. It wasn’t even our dads and they’ve done two movies together. They’re friends,” Jasmin said.

She also said that she and Eric started off as friends before dating. “We became really good friends,” she added. “We bonded on a lot of things. Obviously, we have similar backgrounds so we understood each other on a certain level and over time it just became more.”

The Bad Boys for Life actress also dished on what makes their bond so special.

“He’s my best friend. And it sounds cliche like you should be best friends but it’s so true. We just love each other’s company,” she explained. “We laugh together. A lot of laughing as I’m sure you can imagine and having similar backgrounds definitely helps because there’s certain things that I don’t have to explain. He just gets it and he knows.”

She also assured that their parents are supportive of their relationship. In a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Martin spoke on whether he and Eddie have talked about their kids dating. “We haven’t talked about it,” Martin confessed. “We kinda stay out of their business and let them do their own thing and respect their thing.”

But if Jasmin and Eric end up getting married, Martin joked, “I’ma try to get Eddie to pay for it.”

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Featured image via Jasmin Lawrence/Instagram

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