Janelle Monae Performs "Yoga" on The Tonight Show (+Responds to Tyrese's #WCW Love Letter)

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Janelle Monae Performs Yoga on the Kimmel Show 1 Janelle Monae Performs Yoga on the Kimmel Show 2 Janelle Monae Performs Yoga on Jimmy Kimmel 4

Futuristic flexing at its finest.

Janelle is keeping the 'yoga' flexing going!

The singer busted out her infamous tights and bomb moves and headed over to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week to perform her latest banger "Yoga." Janelle, who declared her new simmering single the song of the summer, was also joined by  fellow Wondaland artist Jidenna (also featured on the track), who got his rap on from the steps in the audience.

The performance included a body-rolling, whining and semi-sensual routine from Janelle and her dancers who busted out a few acrobatic stunts, including getting into headstands and such. The only downside? It appears that the FCC regulations was too real when the 29 year old singer had to censor out the “areola” part of her song, and instead sung: “You cannot police me, so get off my little hole-a (?)" Radio stations have also been doing the same- which is strange considering just how many other words are able to fly on-air but we digress.

Meanwhile, prior to taking to the stage, Janelle also took to her Twitter to respond to singer Tyrese's grand act of chivalry from the week prior. In case you didn't know, Ty declared the Electric Woman his 'WCW" about a week ago before going on into a lengthy love letter detailing his admiration for the gorgeous singer- which he posted on his Instagram page. Janelle finally responded to Ty,  with a sweet response:

Always positive and endearing to see a man show admiration for an Electric Lady. I am Honored. Thank you @Tyrese! :-) [prayer hands]

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.06.56 AM

Curve him with kindness. So sweet!

Peep Janelle's performance on the Tonight Show below:

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