Jaden Smith Went To Prom Dressed As A Superhero

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Jaden Smith Prom 2015


When you are Will Smith's son...it's totally fine to go to prom as a superhero!

Ex- social media ranter and carefree teen Jaden Smith literally got suited and booted for prom this weekend. The 16-year-old entertainer pulled up to the scene with the ceiling missing on a fly old-school whip with a gorgeous girl on his arm. While she wore a form-fitting white gown with lace details, Will and Jada’s son appeared to rock an oversized suit jacket and tie.

Jaden and Mecca 3

Jaden Smith prom night superhero

But, if you thought that Jaden would go the “normal” route on the biggest night of high school, then think again! Moments later, he let his geek dreams flourish in an all-white superhero suit complete with a cape and crime-fighting shoes! His bold fashion move quickly made its way onto the Internet via singer Mecca Kalani, the lucky lady who locked him down as her date.


Jaden full outfit

This isn’t the fashion risktaker's first time revealing his caped crusader alter ego. Jaden rocked the same outfit along with a Batman-ish mask when he popped up at Kim and Kanye’s wedding reception last year. He was also spotted in San Diego at a comic convention once again dressed like a vigilante.

Jaden at Comicon eventJaden with mask

And let's not forget the time he dressed up like Iron Man for his dinner date with Kylie Jenner back in 2013!

Jaden Smith as Ironman

Jaden and Kylie Jenner Out and About In New York City

This time, however, Jaden stepped up his costume game with a new and improved butterfly/bat mask. And, based on their photos, it looks like Captain Save-a-Prom and Miss Crystal Mec won Prom 2015!

Catch more photos of Jaden and Mecca's big night in the Gallery!

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