Jaden Smith Takes Amandla Stenberg To Prom (And He Didn't Dress Like A Superhero!)

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Jaden Smith Amandla Stenberg Prom 2

Jaden Smith Amandla Stenberg Prom 6

Who says homeschooled kids can't have all the fun?

Despite not attending traditional high school, Jaden Smith remains booked like a library as the 16-year-old makes his way through prom season.

Having already attended the big dance dressed as Batman with Tisha Campell's niece, Mecca Kalani, Will and Jada's son did round two on Saturday and attended actress Amandla Stenberg's prom as her date!

Unlike last time, Jaden left his White Knight Batman costume at home but did bring along the fingerless white and gold gloves he wore. Along with gloves, the eccentric teen also decided on a black dress with white hemline and a jacket. Amandla was just as cute in a simple bronze halter dress with black hem. For her hair, the 16-year-old Hunger Games actress opted for some silver box braids, which were also worn by her two besties.

Jaden Smith Amandla Stenberg Prom

Jaden must be getting all the fun out before having to buckle down for his new movie. The actor is reportedly set to play DC Comics superhero Static Shock in a new Warner Brothers web series. Dressing like a superhero and marching to the beat of his own drum has definitely paid off!

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