Your Face Cleansing Brush May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

After years of effectively washing my face with my hands, I, too, like many other people were a bit skeptical when brushes for the sole...


After years of effectively washing my face with my hands, I, like many other people, was a bit skeptical when brushes for the sole purpose of cleaning the face started to roll out left and right. The idea of washing my face with something that essentially had a mind of its own and would be clawing at my face in hopes to better remove dirt, oil and makeup was not my idea of something  to be included in my skincare regimen. I wasn't even a fan of electric toothbrushes, which I feel are sometimes too harsh on my gums. As with many things in life, I didn't know how much I would enjoy one of these contraptions until I tried it for myself.

I’ve always been very picky with what I use on my face, including whatever “device” I used to wash it. Many years ago I stopped washing my face with a washcloth in order to avoid unnecessary bacteria, and I haven’t looked back. When going through some hormonal changes and not really taking the time out to take care of my skin as I should, I was looking for something to save my skin that had just outright gone haywire. After trying Lord knows how many creams, serums and treatments, I looked towards a cleaning brush as the answer to all of my problems. I ended up trying one a little over a year ago, and I loved the results! The thousands of tiny little bristles versus the scrubbing of my 10 giant fingers (in relation to pores) has definitely improved the texture of my skin over time and has helped to effectively cleanse my pores which has kept the breakouts at bay.

While I've experienced great improvement in my skin over the past year using a face cleansing brush, dermatologists are now giving many warnings as to how they can actually damage the skin if they aren’t properly maintained. Too much of something is good for nothing and this golden rule also applies when we’re talking about the use of face cleansing devices. When not used properly, these cleansing brushes can cause irritation, sensitivity, redness, excessive dryness, breakouts and broken capillaries.

To see the best results from using one of these brushes, Doctors are warning against these 4 common mistakes people make when using these devices.

1. Using too frequently

While most brands that produce these devices make claims that using these devices twice a day, in the morning and night, is completely safe, Dermatologists say using at nighttime it enough to effectively cleanse away a day’s worth of dirt and oil in the skin. Don’t overdo it.

2. Sharing you brush with other people

That is a straight up no-no. As if it isn’t enough dealing with your own skins dirt and oil, there is no need to get someone else’s in the mix. If you feel it necessary to have one device for two people, at least use two different brush heads that you can easily identify.

3. Not cleaning your brush head regularly

Most brush heads for face cleansing devices usually have some type of anti-bacterial coating, but you’d much rather be safe than sorry. Use a mild soap to clean you brush between uses. Also don't forget to to replace your brush replace at least every three months.

4. Using the brush in combination with other exfoliators

Whether it is a chemical or physical exfoliator, you don't want to use it with your face brush. Generally speaking, you should refrain from using your brush on a day you plan of using an exfoliator. Too much exfoliation on the skin can disrupt the skin and cause it to react badly.

Face cleansing brushes can be an incredible investment so long as you are taking the proper precautions to get the best results from them.

If you have used a face cleansing brush what have been you results from using them and what have you done to make sure it doesn't harm your skin along the way? Share with us below!

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