I Got Caught Making Love To Someone Other Than My Husband

A woman recounts what it was like to step out on her husband and what cheating on him to find her orgasm felt like.


I like to silently watch sexy people on my timeline to fulfill my eye candy needs.

Cheating never even crossed my mind until him. He popped up as a suggestion on Facebook. I don’t personally know or have ever seen him in real life but there was something about this guy that made me stare a little longer.

When I look at the opposite sex, there is always a feeling of guilt that weighs on me and it is that way because I have a man at home. And even if all I do is look, it still feels like cheating, like I've deceived. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with him either. Like most long-term relationships, there are good and bad days. Despite that, I can still say that he is the love of my life. But, I think that after seven years together, I can admit that there’s boredom with the relationship on my part.

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So, it partially explains why this particular person on my timeline had caught my attention and caught the linger of a wandering eye. Its chocolate velvety smooth color. The veins on his skin along his arms popping out where muscles were more than developed. I would close my laptop when I feel my mind going too far left.

He reached out to me in a way that was unconventional, but I followed up. Our conversations were segues into me finding out more information about him. I’d look at the comments under his pictures and see that women were crazy about him.

I would wonder if he made love to them the way I already imagined in my mind that he’d make to me. I’d look at the profiles of these women to compare, contrast, and see if I was his type.

The more time passed, the more I got to know about him, and the more I wanted him. I would visit (or stalk) his profile every time I logged on. Learn new things about him. All of this behind my husband’s back. I felt so guilty.

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One day I decided I needed to stop before it went any further. I tried not logging on ALL day. I concentrated on my husband. Catered to him. Made love to him until he was done. But I wanted more and he was too tired.

Damn him.

Went to sleep disappointed. Woke up with an attitude.

Screw it.

I logged on. Of course Maalik was online. I told him I wanted to see him. He seemed excited to meet me so I gave him my address. Told him the next time I would be free. We made a date. Guilt subsided in the wake of impending thrills. OMG, it’s happening.

I would talk about this with my bestie and she would shockingly support me.

Finally, the day of our date comes.

Morning routine was well underway. Time is winding down before hubby had to go to work and the kids had to get to school. I was super nervous but I knew I was excited to finally meet Maalik.

3 hours left….

I had so many thoughts. Maybe I should talk to hubby. Maybe he can fix this feeling…. Maybe just maybe….

1 hour left….

As I look for an outfit for the day, the doorbell rings. I looked at my watch because I know we settled for noon…. he’s early

I eagerly answered the door. There he stood in all his glory. I invited him in. Within minutes, we were going at it. I stripped him of his clothes till it was just me and him.

Maalik was everything I imagined him to be. He was just as intriguing as he looked online. The only difference between him and every other man I encountered was that he totally catered to Me. Made me climax over and over and over again.

Before I knew it, it was 5 pm.

Oh crap! I realized Hubby will be home soon. Panic starts to settle in. I told him he has to go but I hear the engine in the driveway. Crap, crap, crap. Hide in the closet.

I rushed to rip the sheets off the bed and clear as much evidence as possible.

I heard the door followed by footsteps up the stairs. My heart is about to jump out my chest. I look at the closet where Maalik is hiding.

Hubby comes upstairs and kisses me on the cheek.

“How was your day baby?” It was our usual greeting but this time I was genuinely happy to see him. I plant a wet one on his lips.

“It was good, love.”

“I bet…”

He pulls out the delivery box with its dildo wrapper still visible. “…Could of at least hid the box babe.”

He walks over to me and kisses me on the forehead. I embarrassingly and shockingly look him in the eyes. We both laugh hysterically.


Julissa Nai is a millennial mother of two who currently resides in South Carolina. As a young wife coming into her own, she loves writing pieces about her journey through womanhood with her own humorous twist on life. 

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