Is It Ever Okay For A Guy To Kiss & Tell?

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It was a great poet by the name of Aubrey Drake Graham who once waxed poetic: N***** talk more than b****es these days." Despite the explicit language, he may have been on to something.

But is it really ever okay?

This week found A$AP Rocky dragging Rita Ora's name through the mud with the release of his latest effort, At.Long.Last.A$AP. On a song called, "Better Things," the 26-year-old rapper obscenely goes off on Rita for running her mouth about their hit-and-quit it sidekick hook-up and refusing to, well... read it yourself.

I swear that b*tch Rita Ora got a big mouth

Next time I see her might curse the b*tch out

Kicked the b*tch out once cause she b*tched out

Spit my kids out, j*zzed up all in her mouth and made the b*tch bounce


Pretty Flacko has already copped pleas for the sleazy stanza, speaking on it in several radio interviews this week. While on Sway In The Morning the other day, the rapper explained that the lyrics illustrated what he was feeling at the time since Rita had purposely wrecked his relationship with his main chick. He also went on to explain his decision to leave the lyrics in was a tribute to his best friend A$AP Yams since that was his favorite song. Yams passed away in January.

I [like Rita Ora]. But first off, this song is an old song. It's one of the older songs on the album. What I will say is I got into a lot of trouble over her, at times when I didn't need to. She caused a lot of grief. So at that time, for me, it was just like, you know.

For me, I said what I said, and it was an old track. That was one of the joints that I recorded before Yams passed that I knew he really loved. Now if you asked me if I should've muted her name, maybe I should've. But at the time, that's how I felt.


I got in trouble, that’s what I’ma say. When you get in trouble with women, I’m quite sure everybody could put two and two together; I got in trouble. I wasn’t supposed to be doing this with her. I got in trouble. Put it like that. And she got me on purpose.

Sidenote: Rita is very great friends with Iggy Azalea and has collaborated with her. Iggy dated Rocky for a year in 2011.

In another interview with Hot 97's Nessa, "That Pretty MFer" assured he wasn't the "kiss and tell" type unless the woman was out there kissing and telling. Then in which case he'll break out the tea kettles!

My whole thing is I don't kiss and tell I'm not the first rap guy she's been with and she's not the first pop broad I've been with. This was LONG ago. This was soooo long ago. We didn't date, never, no. She had a big mouth, and I got in trouble. [...] All I'm saying is, when you mess with me, don't kiss and tell, and I won't. If you don't kiss and tell, I won't.

Going back on his claim that Rita wrecked his relationship on purpose, was A$AP's revenge really warranted? When it comes down to it, he was the one doing the cheating.

Plus, she may have blabbed to some people, but it definitely wasn't a tea party for the rest of us since their transgression was pretty unknown until A$AP released this record.

Of course kissing and telling isn't specific to A$AP Rocky. Men across the country are spilling tea on exes, currents and potentials without realizing they're doing the very thing they claim makes a man a "b****."

Rihanna and Drake 2

Despite frowning upon it, Drake has seemingly made an entire career off rapping about his relationships, notably with previously unheard of strippers and models that he then makes famous. Also, during his umpteenth stint with Rihanna last year, Papi gave us an inside look into his complicated relationship with the singer by releasing a few songs about her.

Let's not forget about Chris Brown slandering Karrueche on Instagram with claims that they used to have threesomes together. Nor should we forget Kanye and his "Kim made me take 30 showers" comments about Amber Rose. Even Bow Wow was on MTV's Wild N Out and ranking ex's Ciara and Angela Simmons' bedroom skills.

So when is it okay for a man to gossip about his past/present/future sexual relationships? When he's been hurt and is seeking revenge?

By the way, Rocky seems to feel bad he put it out there ...but the damage is already done:

People are joking on her. The joke is already a ha ha with the lyrics. Leave it alone. No big deal ’cause in all reality, she’s not the only pop singer getting jizzed on. That’s life.

Catch ASAP's interviews on page two.

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