Is Dairy Blocking You From Your Goal Weight?


We all grew up hearing that milk does our bodies good. And as a lover of all things macaroni and cheese and cereal, it was difficult for me to wrap my head around the idea that dairy could be what's stopping me from reaching my goal weight and health status.

Many women are on this never-ending journey of not only weight loss, but healthy living in general. And while we've thrown out our junk food promising to never return (unless it's for a binge-worthy cause) and tried to up our fruit and vegetable intake, dairy could be the true food group that's flying under the radar and blocking us from reaching our desired results. There are several benefits of giving up dairy, or at least reducing the intake, that our bodies could have been craving all along. Check-check-check it out.

Those Numbers On The Scale Could Get Lower

While dairy has key nutrients like calcium that we need for our daily lives (so it's important to replace dairy with substitutes that provide those same nutrients), it also contributes to body fat.


Who knew? I had no clue that those bowls of cereal, even the "healthy" ones, were contributing to my body fat thanks to the milk. And y'all, I was even going for fat-free skim milk and it was still a major culprit that prevented me from reaching my goals. To see the results you're looking for, it really depends on how much dairy you ate before. If meals like pizza, macaroni, and grilled cheese were on your list daily, tossing dairy out of your diet will cause some serious results, in a good way.

Energy On 10

Apparently, when you cut back on or get rid of dairy, that helps your energy too. But that part is up to you.

When you decide to reduce how much dairy you eat, you can still get the same healthy nutrients in other foods that are much better for you and give you more energy. We all know that the major benefit of dairy is calcium. Still, that's not the only food group that's dishing it out.

You can get your share of calcium in kale, spinach, and white beans. Another example is B12, which is vital for our bodies because it builds our immune system. Again, dairy isn't the only one rocking B12. Other foods like beef, tuna, salmon, eggs, and even non-dairy milk can be a source of the nutrients you're looking for.

About That Bloated Feeling...

So one of the most stubborn areas of the body when it comes to weight loss is the mid-section, AKA the belly, AKA love handles. *insert eyeroll here*

Well, dairy isn't helping at all. It even messes with your digestive tract. Those who are lactose intolerant know the impact that dairy has on their body and their stomach. It can cause cramps, extra bloating, and obviously gas. But interestingly enough, it can have the same impact for those of us that don't have a diagnosis to motivate us to give up or reduce our dairy intake. But the idea that it's causing us to be bloated and just not really feel good afterward was enough for me to be more cautious next time I wanted to indulge in a pint of cookie dough Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Headaches Won't Be A Problem…As Much

It turns out, dairy also can help cause headaches.

Well, let me rephrase that. Tyramine, which is a natural chemical that's put in many cheeses is what has the power to cause headaches. If you look at the ingredients, you'll find tyramine is has made its mark in very common cheeses like cheddar and blue. So even if you're not ready to completely cut dairy out of your life, removing cheeses that include tyramine could be a beneficial and effective start for you.

Sidebar: While dairy includes B2, and not getting enough B2 can cause migraines, you can find B2 in other foods like almonds, spinach, and mushrooms to make sure you're getting enough.

Your Melanin Will Pop More Than Usual


I'm always here for a good melanin glow. But dairy might have a way of getting in the way of that.

Word is, the hormones in milk alone have the power to contribute to acne and other unwanted skin blemishes. No, it's not the one true root of the issue, but it definitely plays its part. Considering dairy is known as a very common allergen (it's right up there with peanuts and shellfish), there is also research that says removing dairy or once again, even just eating it less, can help improve other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. This really has me wondering where the "milk does the body good" phrase even came from.

Ovarian Cancer Chances Are Reduced

This one got me! Research has proven that drinking a glass of milk a day can make a woman twice as likely to get ovarian cancer. For men, they're 34 percent more likely to get prostate cancer.

While dairy does have nutrients, there are also obvious risks involved with consuming too much of it. And it seems like it's in everything (cheeseburgers, pizza, ice cream, etc.). I'm not saying you have to completely give it up. I haven't even done that myself. Still, what I have done is been more conscious about how much of it I put in my body. That's all any of us can really do.

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