Investing In Quality Hair Extensions Will Have You Leaving The House Feeling Like Beyoncé


As the temperatures are steadily dropping, most of us are starting to seriously consider which protective hairstyles will best serve us this winter.

Having a weave installed is a great way to protect your naturally grown tresses, while having the flexibility to experiment with different colors, lengths, and textures. Minimizing the stress and manipulation on your hair when it's being tested by harshly low temperatures is the goal!

With the oversaturation of hair vendors online and in beauty supply store near you, it is not hard to find a great deal on bundles of hair. However, the quality is often up for debate until AFTER you have invested your hard earned money. For women who love to sport a weave: Investing in high quality hair is a form of self-care. At first, the prices of luxury hair companies may send you running to buying your hair wholesale but with a slight increase of your investment, you will receive a long-lasting quality product.

Here are 3 reasons to start investing in high quality hair:

  1. You get what you pay for. If you luck up on some cheap hair, you most likely will have to replace it every 60-90 days, which is like throwing your money out of the window. Quality hair lasts from 6 months to a year!
  2. High quality hair does not have you walking around shedding like a rug. You will lose fewer strands a day so it's less headache, more longevity. You will be able to run your fingers through your hair with ease and without embarrassment.
  3. You have more freedom to experiment if you invest in virgin hair. 100% virgin hair is received undyed, untreated, bouncy, and soft. It would easily take to hair dyes and low manipulation styling methods such as flexi rodding.

The great thing is, we are finally at a point where we do not have to sacrifice our budget for luxury. Many quality hair companies offer bundle deals that allow you to achieve the look and feel you desire without being financially irresponsible. Stay tuned for great quality black owned hair companies that you can follow on Instagram, and even schedule an appointment with if you are in their area:

Indique Hair

Indique Hair is a highly acclaimed black-owned hair distributor with plenty of video reviews online boasting their praises. What makes this company stand out is their commitment to offer luxury raw Indian hair at an affordable price. Each collection that they offer (Sea, Bounce, and Pure) comes in a deal of three bundles at $279. Once you sign up for their email newsletter, you will be made aware of their promotions (occasional free shipping and a percentage off) and new products.

Follow them on Instagram @iloveindique

Snob Life Hair

This hair company is helmed by longtime beauty influencer Ming Lee. What is unique about this retailer is the range of textures of hair offered. You can choose between Ethiopian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Japanese Denim, and Russian Blonde. Their Brazilian Body Wave bundles start at $150, and they occasionally have other discounts. If you are in the Atlanta area, you can make an appointment at their salon located at 101 Centennial Olympic Park Dr SW, Atlanta, Georgia.

Follow them on Instagram @snobmobb.

FEEnominal Bundles

This hair company is run by New Jersey based hair stylist Falicia who can hook up your hair, and at the same time, supply a great product. She specializes in coloring extensions so that no matter how extreme, the hair looks like it is coming out of your scalp. Her bundle deals start at a very affordable $175. Keep up with the Instagram page, as there are often discounts and promotions. If you are in the New York/New Jersey area, you can make an appointment at the salon located in Newark, New Jersey.

Follow them on Instagram @hair_by_Falicia.

Mane Diva Co

This hair company is perfect for the weave wearer that would like to splurge on an overall luxurious hair experience and is led by amazing hair artist Nikita Gibson. The experience definitely lives up to her slogan, "It's not just hair, it's a luxury experience. Always quality of quantity." Bundle deals start at $300, and if you are in the New York area, you can book an appointment at their upscale boutique and have your hair from any vendor installed, starting at $200. This stylist specializes in laying your hair so severely, you will be asking yourself, "Where is the lace?"

Follow them on Instagram @manedivaco.

Remember ladies, make a smart investment. Secure your wigs and take every step to nourish your natural hair. You'll thank me later!

Leave a comment below with your favorite hair company, tips, and tricks!

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Featured image by @chillncourtside for Snob Mobb Life

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