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How well do you think you know Jennifer Hudson?

As stated before, I had the chance to sit down with the Grammy-award winning singer in New York a few weeks ago to chat about her career, personal life and the many transitions that she has gone through in the 10 years since we first saw her on American Idol. It was a very interesting chat!

In Part 2 of our sit-down, Jennifer talked about how she wouldn't sing anything sexual in the past --but now she's grown, and she cleared up a comment that she made in regards to singers singing about sex. She also dished on whether her fame was the cause of her breakup with her longtime boyfriend James, if she feels as though she has to dim her light for other people, and why she chose to keep her pregnancy a secret until she started showing.

Catch the highlights and video below:

On the backlash for comments on singers singing about sex

See, that was, socially. Not just musically, but just for instance- this is something we don't know about Jennifer. My sister Julia is the most sexual person you will ever meet. She is the opposite of Jennifer, OK? And every time, like when my band first met her, or any of my team comes and they meet my sister, they be like, 'This is Jennifer Hudson's sister? Oh. My. God.' And all she does is talk about sex. 'Hello. Oh my gosh. Your breasts,' and she'll just grab them! She would do that. I be like, 'Don't be calling HR or we're going to get arrested.'" (laughs)

She was the person I was really referring to when I made that comment because I be like, 'Julie, does everything have to be about sex?' Every single thing she talks about. I don't care what you talk about, it's gon' turn into sex. And some type of comment and gesture and things like that. And that was what was in my head when I made that comment.

Now before, Jennifer Hudson back in the day- no. I wouldn't sing anything sexual. I just feel as though like, I never understood the big deal. I mean, it's just weird. For me, personally. Again, I don't knock those that do [talk openly]. That was moreso a comment to her and about that situation more than anything.

I think we all [talk about sex]. And at this point, I'm grown enough to sing about that stuff.

On What Caused The Split Between Her and Her longtime boyfriend James (of 8 Years) [She brought him to the Golden Globes]

Yeah, I grew up with him... His name was James. We used to call him 'Bear, Bear.'

But he was my childhood sweetheart. He has a baby now. He moved to somewhere else. So that's all I know about him now. Yeah, we all grew up together.


On if their breakup had anything to do with her success and fame

I think [him proposing if I won an Oscar] was a made up story at the time.

When we broke up, it wasn't the fame. I don't want to put his business out there. It ain't my place to tell. And maybe that's a part of the private side to Jennifer but I just like to give people their respect to be honest. And he's kind of like family to this day and I'm not going to put him on blast. I'm not going to do him like that.

It was my choice [to breakup]. Definitely. But it was nothing new or foreign like nothing out of the blue like he didn't know what was going on. It had nothing to do with my fame at all. It was not an issue pertaining to that.

On if Her Fame Affects Her Relationships

It is difficult with [this] type of lifestyle and being a strong woman and being in any type of relationship. Which I've eventually come to learn when dealing with people. Or males at times have issues when they are with a successful woman. Or even, it's weird. And I mean that in general. Across the board. It's something I've noticed in a lot of situations when it comes to successful women or strong women.

On David Otunga saying that he wanted establish his name outside of just being her fiancé

People say the most jacked up stuff [about David] and it creates awkward situations for people. So the times when we go out and people be like, 'Can I get a picture with David Otunga?' I be like, 'Sure can! I will take it for you!' Because I don't mind stepping back and being just your girl. I don't want to be a trophy to anybody or I don't want to make anybody feel downsized or anything like that.

But I just think it comes more from the outside coming in that can create- it's an awkward situation... it's something that comes along with the the territory and your lifestyle and you have to know how to deal with it.

On If She Ever Feels Pressure to "Dim Her Light" for Others

Oh my God, yes! All the time. And no, I'm not trying to sound any type of way but I can't help it if I'm speaking of my reality and it sounds like I'm bragging.

Like I'll literally get a call from somebody and I'm like, 'Yo, I am walking on the stage to sing for the president.' I'm literally telling you the truth right now. I'm speaking of my 'now.' And sometimes people take it the wrong way.

Or hold on, wait, Oprah is calling me. And I'm speaking of what's going on and a lot of times it rubs people the wrong way, which causes you to not even want to bring it up. So half the time people be like, 'Jennifer Hudson this. The weight loss [that]!' and I'm like, 'Oh, please shut up,' because everybody don't like it. And it can hurt you just as much- so a compliment doesn't always bring the best towards you.

On if she has a circle of friends who are as successful

I talk to a lot of people in the industry and they're friends. But again, I respect people's privacy. And you don't hear it from Jennifer. And everybody tells me everything! I could write a book on what I know but I wouldn't. I feel as though, I guess that's the private side of Jennifer. But it's out of respect because you know,  I talk to people who are a lot more successful than me and way richer, but people don't necessarily always need to know that.

I just like people! It don't matter who you are or what you have. We are in the business surrounded by people who judges you on how big your bank account is and what you are wearing, but I'm not that girl and that's why I feel as though I sit in the center of two worlds.

On Why She Kept Her Pregnancy So Private

I didn't tell nobody. Even my own family. I got cussed out by I don't know how many people. Nobody knew until I started showing. I didn't start showing until I was almost 6 months.

The way I grew up, it's always been this way for me. In my life. Long before I was Jennifer Hudson to the world. [People were] extra protective about Jennifer. Like, all the boyfriends, 'Oh, they're not good enough to be with her.' Leave him alone. Why can't I have a boyfriend? Why can't I do this? Just let me live. But no!! It's, 'She can't do this, she can't do that.' So, I'm so grown but I can't even tell you that I'm having a baby?

And then there was a couple comments from people [that] I didn't like, so I didn't feel they deserved to know I was pregnant... like you not going to accept my child? Because people will tell you how to live your life.

During the pregnancy era it was like- this is a blessing for me. That God gave me. And I'm not gonna let nobody steal that joy. I share so much of me, all the time, why can't I have this one thing to myself? And then I didn't start showing until I was 6 months.

I was pregnant when I got my first Grammy. I was about 4- 5 months. That was probably what gave me the strength during that time. Because I knew I was pregnant. [It was] a good chapter in my life that made it a great time.

Watch it below:

In case you missed it: Part 1

Part 3, where she dishes her views on marriage and her current relationship, will post on Monday.

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