I Can Squirt Whenever I Want To Now & Here’s How


I think as we get older, we tend to try to figure out which fairytales could we turn our lives into and which ones were just bullshit. I'm pretty sure that we all heard of the man in the moon, we can't stand Cinderella's bald head ass, and most women have even added the infamous ability to squirt to that fairytale list as well.

Well, I am calling you all here today to tell you it is indeed freaking possible! So masturbation is seriously an amazing hobby of mine. Yes a hobby - I enjoy doing it to pass time, can't nobody do it like me, and now I've figured out how to make myself squirt on demand.


Like many women, I do give great props to the body wand. It was my first real vibrator that could make me come hard and fast, and, on top of that, it was durable. I really couldn't can't ask for much more than that… I thought. Well, after starting my sex blog, I began receiving toys to test out and one of those was the clitoral stimulator.

I woke up and rolled over to my goody drawer to begin my morning routine of getting a couple of orgasms out of the way before going about my day and being an adult and I thought, how about trying out the Satisfyer clitoral stimulator today? Using it was simple enough. It had an on/off button, speeds, and a suction cup that you place over your clit. From there, you hold it in place with your hand and let the stimulator do the rest.

Now, this is where it got real. The climb was unlike any I had ever had before. It wasn't quick and precise like the body wand, it was slow, deep, and swirled around like a hurricane in my lady parts. It made me circle around my orgasm, demanding that I be patient, and that was delicious. This toy came with freaking foreplay it felt like.

Usually, I'm a pretty quick and to the point self-lover but there were moans, sheet grabbing, and real life seduction as if I wasn't laying in my covers by my damn self. And the finale changed my life! I literally got to my peak and fell.


And it was a stomach piercing feeling that caused me to suck the air from my lungs back in. My breathing was nonexistent. Hell, I didn't even realize I was holding my breath until the liquid shot out of me. This orgasm was long as hell and very rambunctious. I tried to gain control of the muscles down there but it just couldn't happen. After I had collected myself, I couldn't even try to manage another out like usual. I got up to begin my day and a big ass wet spot was where I had been, proof that the clitoral stimulator had just pushed every important person in my life one spot to the left to make room for this!

Now I know everyone doesn't come the same way as others, but every time I have a client tell me that they have never had orgasm or has never squirted, this is the toy that I recommend for multiple reasons:

  1. It wines and dines you. When I say that I mean it takes its time getting you to your peak, which provides a map for the woman on what her journey to orgasm really feels like so that when she's with her partner she will feel those familiar signs and can better direct him of what to do.
  2. It stimulates countless nerves at once, which more often than not, can easily result in the female ejaculation, or as we may better recognize it, "squirting."
  3. The battery life is amazinggggggg. The battery operated one is great but for about $50 more, you could get the rechargeable one and have multiple sessions without needing a recharge.
  4. It's great to use with other toys. For example, slip a yoni egg or some Ben wa balls inside you and then use the clitoral stimulator, and tell me it doesn't change your life.
  5. Did I mention it makes you squirt? Often… okay.

If you need to purchase a clitoral stimulator or find out more about Orgasms and hands on Sex Workshops, contact Samia Burton or @SexualEssentials on Instagram and Facebook. You can also cop your very own Satisfyer clitoral stimulator here.

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