This Photo Series Highlights The Power Of Our Flaws

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We all have battles with our self-confidence, but having a skin condition allows for others to block your breakthrough by projecting their hate just from their first glance at you.

Often times people with skin conditions like vitiligo, birthmarks, albinism, rosacea, etc., walk out daily into the outside world and feel ashamed. Or, feel like everyone has a staring problem and they unfortunately are the subject of their gaze. Photographer Peter DeVito has created a photo series to encourage people with skin conditions that they are not flawed, but rather are powerful.

The series was created after the response he received after his series on acne with his own self-portraits. DeVito's goal was to push for an end to the stigma of a skin condition that everyone experiences at a point. Just as acne is normal, so are other skin conditions that are typically shunned in the media. Winnie Harlow became an inspiration for many by competing in the 21st cycle of America's Next Top Model with vitiligo, but people with these skin conditions still aren't widely represented. DeVito told Bustle:

"I came up with the idea because I received numerous messages from people with albinism, vitiligo, freckles, birthmarks, etc. asking me to make work that they could relate to. I got these messages after posting my un-retouched acne images on social media."

The portraits is reppin' for those with vitiligo, albinism, and alopecia. Along with the photos, the models are able to share their experience with their skin condition and the rude questions that they've had to face. "What's on your face?" "Why are you bald?" "Are you a ghost?" With their responses, they're able to educate people with these misconceptions just how damaging they can be and they should think before they speak. And, to reinforce the message that they are more than their skin. Model Diandra Forrest shared:

"Albinism is a condition that affects the exterior. I am fierce, funny, compassionate, and nurturing. These are some qualities that matter most."

Check out more of Danny DeVito's stunning photography here.

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