15 Of The Coolest Ways To Style Your Jeans This Winter


Winter officially commences on Friday, December 21st, and you know what staple is perfect this new season? Jeans.

But let's be honest, winter is probably one of the hardest seasons to dress for because you do need to layer and every piece should blend effortlessly. (If you're a southern belle like myself, you wear longjohns underneath for extra warmth.) With the added accessories of elements like coats, hats, and gloves, you have to think about all of the pieces that make up your look. You must ask yourself, what story am I telling through my fashion choices today?

Which brings me back to jeans. A great pair of jeans are an easy staple that transcends seasons. The options are unbounded, leaving you room to add your own sauce. Skinny jeans to black denim, cropped jeans to distressed denim, wide leg to frayed hem styles – you can literally have it your way.

We trust that you can style them to perfection but we wanted to give some extra inspo from some of our favorite fashionistas!

Frayed hem.

I hate to see her go but I love to watch her leave.

Give the people something to miss with a bold and risqué top.

Featured image by Aysha Sow/Johnny Komodo

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