All The Fly Outerwear I Wore To New York Fashion Week

All The Fly Outerwear I Wore To New York Fashion Week

This February marks my 9th year attending New York Fashion Week. In the beginning, I was challenged with immense imposter syndrome as I felt I wasn’t worthy of being in certain fashion spaces. But as I’ve learned more about myself and how showing up authentically is my superpower, I have managed to find my stride and get in my bag. Truth be told, NYFW is not for the faint of heart because it calls for you to bring it each and every season which can be exciting and overwhelming. As a fashion lover, I challenge myself to raise the bar every time because it’s such a fascinating art. This go-round, I wanted to center all of my looks around my outerwear since wintertime in New York City is no joke.

Outerwear is such an essential staple during the colder months and they are a surefire way to make a statement without saying a word. In a world full of bland jackets and coats, I just want to stand out in the most unique pieces. Ahead, find the fly outerwear I donned during the fall/winter season of New York Fashion Week.

Coming In Hot

Courtesy of Joce Blake

When I read the product description for the Willa Red Vegan Fur Leather Coat from Finesse, I knew I had to have it: “Having the WILLA red will give you the diva card. She’ll be leaving her red lipstick kiss as a memory.” And all I ever want is to make a lasting impression at New York Fashion Week, so I coupled this fiery red coat with a blue-striped button-down top from Kahlana Barfield’s Target collaboration, maroon vinyl pants, and denim Air Jordan 1s.

To bring it all together, I switched the white laces out for red ones and grabbed my red puffer Telfar. It gave exactly what it was supposed to give especially as I started my morning with the Black in Fashion Council at Christie’s to celebrate the legacy of our superhero, Andre Leon Talley.

Solid Gold, Baby

Courtesy of Joce Blake

Since metallics are having a moment right now, I wanted to center an entire look around a gold trench coat. I looked to LBV. Official for their Metallic Vegan Leather Trench Coat, which was designed with pronounced shoulder pads, a classic waist belt, and adjustable wrist belts. For accessories, I copped a custom NY hat from Rebel P Customs embellished with gold applique and threw on my ever-so-stylish Brandon Blackwood bamboo tote.

All of the gold accents coordinated like a dream, especially since I selected gold cowboy boots to bring the look to completion.

I Can Buy Myself Flowers

Courtesy of Joce Blake

One thing about me, I am going to give myself flowers. That’s exactly what I did with this Neon Rose oversized belted padded jacket in the most gorgeous floral print. The aprés-ski aesthetic is prominent every winter, so I decided to pair it with leather lavender pants, a furry top, and white booties. The runways are proof that this winter trend is here to stay, as evidenced by designers like Miu Miu and Prada.

Keep It Collegiate 

Courtesy of Joce Blake

Nothing is more essential for streetwear than a varsity jacket. Just call me captain of the bad bitches because this jacket had me feeling like I was leading my team in style with this black and green varsity jacket. I tapped Finnesse again for this piece because their products are just too good and this Bobby Black Varsity Jacket was no different.

Between the striking green lettering and the fun quotes like “Purrrr” embossed on the coat, it really speaks to the way the collegiate Americana style mixed with streetwear flair has infiltrated fashion trends.

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Featured image courtesy of Joce Blake

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