Dress Layering Is A Thing & This Is How You Do It


Layering is quintessential to a successful look. Being able to perfectly proportion juxtaposed pieces is a gift that some style mavens are born with but it is also something you can learn.

You're probably thinking that layering during this time of year sounds like unlaid edges and sweat stains. However, there's a way to pull off the look without sweating bullets. If done correctly, you could create an outfit that even June Ambrose would be impressed by.

Ironically, layering in the summer is more logical with the varying temperatures inside and outside. If you work in an office where you don't control the air conditioning, dress layering could be a lifesaver. You can also wear your more revealing dresses to work if you layer appropriately. Dress layering means you strategically wear items underneath or over your dress. It opens up thousands of options in your wardrobe!

Of course, we rounded up some influencers making the trend look uncomplicated. But that's why we want you to scroll the slideshow to see how it is done.


Slip dresses are great for layering. We are oozing over the stylish simplicity of this look. The ruffled bell sleeves on the top is perfection.

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*Featured Image via Zendaya/Instagram

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