How to Ignite Your Inner Sex Goddess

In Greek mythology, the goddess of illicit sex and beauty was none other than Aphrodite. In her arsenal of weapons were breathtaking beauty

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In Greek mythology, the goddess of illicit sex and beauty was none other than Aphrodite. In her arsenal of weapons were breathtaking beauty and a sexual desire that was irresistible to all. Her lust was believed to be capable of conquering mortals and gods alike, beasts of the land, creatures of the sea.

There was no one capable of denying the orgasmic aura emanating from her and everyone wanted a piece. What if I were to say that the myth of Aphrodite is the very thing that all women possess? It is in our skin, our bones, the nape of our necks, the curves of our bosoms, the shape of our lips, the small of our backs, but most of all, the space between our legs where our thighs come to meet. In us, she exists. That power exists. We move mountains and cause wars. Why do you think that is? Because we got that good good.

I'm always amazed when I meet a woman who hasn't tapped into that power. That same woman is always amazed when she sees that I have. As I said before, it's in all of us; some may just need a little bit of help breaking the surface.

Here are four little ways you can tap into the power of your inner sex goddess:

Own Your Sexy

I believe the key to accomplishing anything in life starts with how we view ourselves, so self-confidence is very important when tapping into your inner sex goddess. How can one feel sexy if she does not know she's sexy? So, own it. Some women like to go get their hair done, some women prefer nails. For me, I feel sexiest when I am naked and pleasuring myself. Getting to know my body through masturbation has really built up the way I own my feminine power in the bedroom. I know what I want and that feeling makes me feel sexy. Plus, you give off a glow when you have had an orgasm recently. It's beautiful.

Purchase New Unmentionables

Sometimes the only tool you need in unleashing your inner sex goddess is a little roleplay. Get your Victoria's Secret on, enhance your sexy with a corset or garter set with some fishnets and heels. Classic can be incredibly sexy. Or be a little daring and take things a step further by shopping at places like Yandy for a naughty little school girl uniform. I find that when I put on something sexy meant for my man to take off of me and see that look of unhinged passion heavy in his eyes, I can't help but feel a jolt of supremacy at what being comfortable in my skin does to him.

Try Something New Outside of the Bedroom

A major way to boost confidence is by challenging yourself in different aspects of your life. Conquer a fear, like heights or public speaking. Take a yoga class or a pole dancing class and learn new things about what your body is capable. Find strength in that, find beauty in that, and hone into its feminine power.

Find an Anthem

When I find myself feeling a little less than in tune with my sexual prowess, playing music to set the tone helps me to be more in sync. My go-to anthem for a confidence boost is “Blue Blood Blues" by The Dead Weather. My go-to anthem for getting my groove back is anything by SZA or Miguel. I love listening to music that sets a scene in my mind of slow grinding and then, I take that grind to the bedroom. I think music can be the heartbeat to the rhythm of your lovemaking.

Owning my sexy, buying new lacy dainty undergarments, trying a new activity, and setting the mood through music are some of the ways I tap into my inner sex goddess.

Tell me some of the things you do in order to tap into yours!

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