How To Rock Your Fave Boots In Spring & Summer


News Flash: You can totally wear boots in spring and summer.

Don't get me wrong, boots were designed to be donned in fall and winter. But I think it's high time we make our own fashion rules. Look at it as an unanticipated way to slay the day. When you partner a pair of boots with the right skirt, dress or shorts, you'll feel a sense of rebellion that grants a different kind of confidence.

One way to help suspend the hype of old myths that say you shouldn't wear boots after April is to replace some of your looks that include sneakers with booties. From grunge to sock boots, the options are pretty dope.

We have found some ladies that have already incorporated the not-so-tricky trend into the spring ensembles. Flip through the gallery for some guidance!

Maxi dresses are so clutch during the spring and summer seasons. You can easily throw them on, making for very little cognitive overload. When the temps are below 70 degrees, you can opt for a pair of ankle boots.

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