Petey Pablo Landing A $15,000 Cameo On "Empire" Is A Lesson In Good Karma

Petey Pablo "loaned" Terrence Howard $200 a few years back during hard times. And rather than pay the rapper the money back 10+ years later,

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Talk about a favor for a favor!

For those of you who missed it, this past Wednesday was the second episode in season two of Empire and as expected, it was jam-packed with major cameos. Along with the debut of what may turn out to be a recurring role for rapper Ludacris (as Correctional Officer "McKnight") also came the guest appearance of rapper Petey Pablo. Known for his 2001 North-Carolina anthem "Raise Up," his feature on Ciara's breakout hit "Goodies," and of course his 2004 club banger, "Freek-A-Leek," Petey played the role of Lucious Lyon's cellblock buddy, Clyde. Clyde's character could be seen throughout the episode tagging along with Lucious everywhere from the jail yard to a makeshift music recording booth, where Petey fittingly assisted Terrence in recording the music track, "Snitch B**ch."

But like most of us, you were probably wondering:

Where did Petey Pablo pop up from?

It's been a while since we've seen him on the big screens, and it wasn't long before the rumors started swirling, with the main one being that Petey's guest appearance on the show was more like a "quid pro quo." According to sources, Petey Pablo loaned Terrence Howard $200 a few years back during hard times. And rather than pay the rapper the money back 10+ years later, Terrence instead booked Petey a role on Empire.. for $15,000.

Well that's certainly worth the wait!

And although it didn't quite go like that (Terrence was definitely not hard up on the cash when Petey spotted it to him), the gesture was still admirable to say the very least. The rapper spoke to Power 105's Charlamagne and DJ Envy on a live call this week to set the story straight. When asked whether or not Terrence gave Petey a role on the FOX show for letting him borrow $200, Pablo replied:

"I didn't lend it to him, I gave it to him.

He said he lost his ID and his credit card and he said he lost everything. So I said 'Hey- Don't be in here with no money in your pocket, here- just take a couple hundred dollars.' This was after [his role in] Hustle and Flow. I was at the "Four Seasons" and I saw him at the hotel and I was walking through and I saw him and I was like 'Damn there goes Terrence," and I was like 'What's up man?' He said, 'Man, I'm having a f**ked up day. I done lost my wallet. All my credit cards and my ID, I'm going to go to my room and lay down.'

I was like, 'Don't walk around with no money in your pocket, here!' So it wasn't a loan, I don't do that. I can only tell you what I know. And what I know is, [years later], Terrence called my phone and said 'Hey, I need you for the show!'

The reason [Terrence] gave me $15000, he said because he was at a point in his life and I had no idea. So after, he said 'Now, that we got that out the way. I need a favor. I need you on the show.' That's not Terrence's show. He's just a part of the show. Empire paid me the money, so I got paid to be on the show."

He added:

"I'm a good dude. I'm a goon and a gorilla but at the end of the day, I'm a good-hearted dude. And I like to do things for people that I'd want them to do for me. And he just said that and I had no idea. And that was just his way of saying thank you."

Wow! That's amazing. Pablo, who is also good friends with the show's music producer, Timbaland, reportedly recorded and wrote four songs for the Empire soundtrack this season, including the track "Snich B***h," performed by Terrence this past Wednesday.

Talk about your good deeds and karma coming back tenfold. This is definitely an example of how the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact, especially when rooted in the best of intentions. For Pablo to never check Terrence, nor expect him to pay him back, says a lot about his character.

Check it out below!

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