CoverGirl Has Its First-Ever Vitiligo Model

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When it comes to fashion, no two beauties are the same, and it's a must that we celebrate the perfectly imperfect.

This past week, model Amy Deanna was named the first Black CoverGirl model with vitiligo, and it's pretty amazing. In the makeup giant's latest #IamWhatIMakeup campaign, the Texas bombshell proudly represents for the women with the rare skin condition, while skillfully and flawlessly blending two different shades of foundation.

For those who don't know, Vitiligo is a condition that primarily affects the skin, causing it to lose pigment cells (aka melanocytes), the result of which can cause discolored patches in different areas of the body.

The Vitiligo vixen released a statement along with her commercial and posed the question, "Why try to blend in when you can choose to stand out?"

We love that Deanna and CoverGirl came together to help show off the many ranges of women who slay every day, in every way.

This is definitely a silver lining for the Texan model who, back in 2016, revealed that doctors pinned her 2012 diagnosis of the skin disorder to the stress incurred from the death of her brother:

"Four years ago, I lost my brother; he was murdered. The doctor said me having Vitiligo was stress-related [and] that was a very stressful time in my life. It was my senior year of high school and my brother was killed, and shortly after that I started getting patches of Vitiligo.

"Losing my brother really, really sucked. And it still sucks. However, I believe in taking the situations and the things that were given in life and making the best out of it when we can. And when we can't, your support system is everything."

Although optimistic about making the best out of her condition, Deanna admits some days make a harder hit on her self-esteem than others. The girl who once enjoyed turning "a beautiful dark brown color" in the summer went from "being able to be in the sun to not being able to be in the sun," and at times feels her #BlackGirlMagic is lacking:

It hasn't always been easy, and there are still days when I wake up and I just hate every last — every single — one of my [white] spots with a passion. It's a day to day struggle. I'm not going to sit here and act like it's all peaches and cream or that I'm at peace with having Vitiligo. Like, I'm at peace but there are days that I just want my melanin to pop. Like, can't I just be brown?!"

However, as Deanna ultimately knows, Blackness, much like beauty, is beyond skin deep. At the end of the day, there are 50 Shades of Blackness, and it just so happens that Deanna embodies a few of them. The multi-melanin model also dismisses any disabling labels, while offering advice to others to revel in their rareness and embrace their face:

"It's a rare thing. There are few of us who are struggling and dealing with [Vitiligo]."

"I don't like using the word 'Handicapped' or 'disabilities' or any of those words because it just doesn't sound right to me. But dealing with our situations, not everyone has to deal with this. And it takes a very strong individual to deal with it."

"Whatever it is — psoriasis, acne, [burn victim] whatever — that journey is going to effect each of us differently. "For me, I learned to essentially accept it and not let it get the best of me."

"You will learn to own it. You will have bad days. It will be tough, it will be hard. But you will get through it. And things are going to be okay."

Yes! We can't wait to see Deanna join the ranks of Winne Harlow and other Black models helping to expand on diversity in the beauty and fashion industry. After all, no matter the color or condition, all women are winning.

And it's a powerful sight to see the industry embrace every body shape and shade(s) of skin we're beautifully born in.

Check out Amy Deanna and her Covergirl campagin below:

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