Here's A Video Of Tinashe Singing For Bob Dylan At Age 10

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She may seem like an overnight success, but it looks like her path to stardom has been years in the making!

Tinashe has been killing the music game since she dropped her big hit "2 On" from her debut album Aquarius in 2014. Since then, she has enjoyed commercial success while remaining true to herself and toured around the world performing for #TeamTinashe. Clearly, the rising diva has worked hard to live her jet-setting lifestyle. But, before she was known for her smooth dance moves and catchy singles, she was just another kid trying to make it in the industry. Back in 2003, the "Hands On Deck" singer was a talented little 10-year-old with a big voice who landed a small part in a movie named "Masked and Anonymous."

We may know her for her futuristic alternative R&B sound today, back then she took on popular folk/country singer Bob Dylan's classic hit "The Times They Are A-Changin'" in front of the legendary singer himself. Tinashe sounded pitch perfect as she belted out the tune while rocking two ponytails and jean overalls.

Too cute!

And it seems as though Tinashe, like fellow singer Ciara, knows a thing or two about speaking things into existence.

Two years after her role, when she was just 12 years old, the confident performer wrote her future self a letter about her career goals.  This year marked the 10th anniversary of her 6th grade letter to self, and she shared a snippet of it with her fans on Instagram that read:

"I hope that by the time I receive this letter I am rich and famous. That has been my dream ever since I was really really little."



It looks like this girl has been ready to run the world!

If you are still not completely familiar with Tinashe from her radio hits, '2 On' and 'All Hands On Deck,'  she's been on the scene for years dropping mixtapes such as Black Water, Until We Die, and Amethyst.  She also pursued acting, and landed a recurring role on the popular comedy "Two and a Half Men" from 2008-2009 as Celeste.

You can catch her in those clips below:

Bitchie Exclusive: Who Is Tinashe

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