Help Me Help A Student Get To College [Updated]


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I remember my first day at college. I sat in the Registar's office and cried when they told me I couldn't register for classes because I hadn't paid tuition. The thing is, I knew I couldn't afford my tuition and financial aid wouldn't cover it all, but I still showed up to school with the mentality that I would figure it out.

I received an email this weekend from a young lady in Alabama who is trying to raise money for school, and she reminded me so much of the 18-year-old me who was trying to "figure it out." She explained that she is from a single-parent household, and has been accepted to college, however she short $2000 on her tuition.

She writes:


My name is Lorin Bass and I am an incoming freshman at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery, Alabama with an advanced diploma with high endorsement, a 3.7 GPA and a rank of number 10 in the class.

I plan to major in marketing and work to build a brand that solely

focuses on pushing ethnic women into mainstream beauty, media and fashion industries. I look around and I see the lack of positive representation for women of color and, I feel it is extremely necessary because it will help build confidence and self esteem in in the future female leaders of the world.

I have worked hard to get to where I am now and I am almost ready to fully chase my dream however, I have a problem. I am short $2000 for tuition and fees for the upcoming fall semester. I come from a low income single parent home and things have not been easy. My family members are trying there best to help me but they can only help so much. I am a first generation high school graduate and college student therefore, my goals do not revolve around me at all. If I can get past this one hurdle I will be able to build my future and build a foundation to provide for my family and give back to those who have given so much to me. If you would please consider helping me or even just spreading the word that would mean the world to me.


I replied to Lorin and we chatted a bit and she sent over her acceptance letter and transcripts, as well as verified that she will be attending GSU in the fall.

Lately, I have been wondering to myself, how can I help? How can I do more? How can I add value to others' lives? How can I use my platform in an uplifting way?

I wanted to start with Lorin and help her achieve her dreams of going to college.

What I love about what I do is that although people come here to read the latest news, and discuss various topics, it's also a sense of community here that steps up when it's time to make a difference.

As a community, I believe if we all pitch in, and contribute (even if it's just $1 each), she'll reach her goal in no time.

The link to donate is:

I don't know where this will go, but if it all works out, we may decide to raise money for an aspiring college student each week.

But it starts here!

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Update: You guys are amazing! She reached her goal in an hour!!!! Thank you so much!  If you guys still want to donate, it's totally up to you but this is amazing! [She has to increase the goal to accept more donations] but I thank you guys for everything.


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