Has Social Media Replaced Reality with Perception?

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They say believe half of what you see and none of what you hear... but with social media, it's safe to say that even what we see is far from what it is!

It seems these days keeping up with the trends instead of setting them is the new thing, and although people preach individuality, ironically enough it appears mostly everyone is fighting to be the same type of "different." Everyday young women are faced with keeping up with the trend of "showing skin to win," but in the words of Lauryn Hill, "How you gonna win if you ain't right within?"

Last year gospel singer Erica Cambpell and "Glee" actress Amber Riley offered up two similar views on social media and the effects of looking too deeply into the lives of others. The 43 year old "Mary-Mary," singer, who has caught flack for everything from wearing a "too-tight" white dress to releasing her secular-sounding gospel track, 'I Luh God,' sat down with C.Nikky and pointed out that most men and women have replaced the incentive of "love" for "likes," and have instead completely based their self-worth at the hands of followers- literally.

"Everything is based on likes. And depending on how many 'likes' I get will determine how much I like myself. We're obsessed with going [through the phone] 'Oh how many? Oh I only got this many [likes] on this picture. Oh she got a lot when she posted her behind, maybe I'll post mine? Oh she gets a lot when she post her titties, maybe I'll post mine?' We're so torn and caught up in this circle and we're not getting anywhere!

God made you perfect and beautiful and wonderful and if we embrace that... you [don't] need validation from someone else. It (insecurity) is a beast that we feed and we're feeding it bits and pieces of ourselves. And we're dying sometimes at the same time."


Meanwhile, 29 year old actress Amber Riley actually logged into her social media in hopes of knocking some not-so-common-sense to her followers by way of a classy vent this weekend. The 'Glee' actress took to Instagram to address her frustrations over divorce rumors that have recently been plaguing two very close friends of hers:

One picture and a 15 second video and everyone thinks they have your life figured out. A friend of mine thought our other friend who lives out of state was divorced or separated because he stopped posting his wife. Turns out the wife was pregnant and because she had a miscarriage before she wanted to keep it a secret so she told her husband not to post photos of her until her third trimester. Everything isn't what it seems. Stop being fooled by social media and the illusions they create. Just because you see someone in the club with money or in expensive clothes and shoes and cars that doesn't mean they are happy. Their life isn't a formula for yours. You have to live your life and do what makes YOU happy! Material things won't matter in the end. Don't let it impress you too much. Having nice things is cool but having peace of mind and people you love around you and self respect. That's a priceless goal we all can achieve if we stay true to ourselves and our journey in life! Ok my mini sermon is over lol I love you guys!

What's crazy is- most of the people who can afford to live a lap of luxury, are often the same ones who are usually too busy enjoying their best moments to capture and immediately share them. Same goes for those madly and deeply in love- they are too caught up living in love to be worried about lies or posting photos of themselves every day to convince their followers that they are still together and very happy.

Lesson here: Trying to keep up or compare your life to what others are sharing on social media, is the easiest way to set yourself back and get thrown off track. Remember, people only show what they care for others to receive (or perceive) of them. You can only live one life- and that is yours!

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What are your thoughts? Is social media destroying society's idea of what is real and what isn't these days?

Originally published June 3, 2015

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