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Guess who spotted in New York

Guess which singer was spotted rocking box braids while out and about yesterday?

Hint: She just signed on to star in a new movie!

BuzzFoto Celebrity Sightings In New York - August 11, 2014

If you guessed Ashanti, you are good!

She continues to stay on her grind! The singer, who was spotted casually hitting the New York streets yesterday, has just been cast in a new film adaption of the stage musical "Stuck." The film centers around the drama that ensues when six New Yorkers get stuck on a stalled subway train together.

"Moving on is never easy, as 6 strangers discover when trapped between stations on the subway. As tension builds, colorful characters clash as they recognize pieces of themselves emerging in one another. With book, music and lyrics by Riley Thomas, this poignant and tuneful contemporary musical takes audiences on a humorous and heartfelt ride as it explores exactly what it means to be Stuck."

IMDB also describes the plot as:

"Chance and happenstance collide and strangers, who would probably never notice or speak to each other, get stuck together on a locked subway car beneath NYC. All of them have a story that reaches far beyond what is apparent on the surface."

Michael Berry, who directed the stage musical, will also get behind the camera for the film.

Sounds pretty interesting!

Congrats Ashanti!




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