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celebrity offspring and prom date

Guess which handsome celebrity offspring recently went to prom?

Hint: His mom wrote a song about him many years ago!

It's Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley's son Zion!

Some of us are officially feeling like some old biddies because that's the same Zion Lauryn beautifully sang about on "To Zion" from her 1998 classic album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. On the song, Ms. Hill sings about being pregnant and her decision to keep her baby despite people in her life advising her to do otherwise, and the joy she found after giving birth.

Turning 18 in just three months, Zion is far from the baby his mama sang about nearly two decades ago. The dapper teen recently attended his high school prom with his pretty date, Kristen Richardson. Zion kept it light with a casual two-button, summer-ready suit, and matching loafers. Kristen wasn't shabby herself, posing in front of their Rolls Royce ride in a white gown and platform heels.

Proud papa Rohan commented on Instagram:

How things and time has changed.. I see you Son. .. Let's go .. Do you my brother. You got it.


Catch more pics below!

Zion Marley and Prom Date

Zion Marley and Prom Date 3

Amazing smile and gorgeous pics!

Listen to Lauryn Hill's 'Zion' below:

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