[Girl Fight!] Dawn Richard Allegedly Laid Hands On Aubrey O'Day

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Danity Kane Vegas Liquid

It was all good just a week ago...

It may be grand opening, grand closing for Danity Kane, if these girls don't get their act together.  The once fivesome then foursome now threesome just got back together and already there is major drama in the group.

Details are scarce, but TMZ is reporting that there was a huge disagreement between the girls while at a Los Angeles studio on Monday. Bandmates Dawn Richard and Aubrey O'Day got into an argument which resulted in Dawn allegedly going up side Aubrey's head with a closed fist. This all happened in front of Shannon Bex, who attempted to break the fight up.

A battery report was filed and cops are said to be investigating.

Meanwhile, Dawn isn't letting the ordeal put a damper on her birthday plans. The singer turned 31 years old today and spent the day skydiving.

dawn richard skydiving

Back in the day there was some major tension between Dawn and Aubrey, so this would not be surprising, however, we want these girls to prove that girl groups can work.

Source: TMZ

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