xoGift Guide 2019: Gifts For The Hostess With The Mostest

Throwing parties and hosting events in-home requires attention to detail.


If your family and friends who get an invite to your dinners feel like they've won the lottery, then you sis, are the hostess with the mostest. If you have a cocktail in your hand and confetti in your hair, AGAIN SIS, you are the hostess with the mostest.

And if you don't fit in that category, we are sure you know someone who does. This gift guide is customized for the hostess with the mostest. Throwing parties or hosting events in your home requires planning, patience and a huge attention to detail. You want to delight them with something they can use at their next gathering.

This year, you can shower them with gifts that reciprocate the graciousness and generosity they exhibit all the time. Stock up on an array of presents they will be ready to show off as soon as possible!

Moleskin Passion Wine Journal



As I get better with time, I prefer wine over hard alcohol. We know that this journal will help you savor every aroma and every bottle by pouring your passion onto every page. You can jot down the wines, perfect pairings and how they make you feel so that you have a record of your top drops.


Godinger Agate Napkin Rings


Godinger Agate Napkin Rings

Hosting a fancy dinner? You must include these napkin rings on the table; they are the coalescence of modish and unique. I low-key want to wear them as jewelry because they are so beautiful. Also, you can add a set of cream napkins to this gift for a finishing touch.


Celebrate Everything!: Fun Ideas to Bring Your Parties to Life by Darcy Miller


Sometimes even the hostess with the mostest needs help coming up with fresh ideas for functions. Darcy Miller penned this love letter to help party planner's curate chic and cheerful events. Consider this the ultimate blueprint.


Kate Spade Recipe Box


Kate Spade

Keep your treasured recipes in this polka dot box by Kate Spade. You have got to keep your granny's cornbread recipe safe and what better way to do it than with this snazzy decor. It comes in three other designs so you can choose the motif that will look the best in the hostess's kitchen.


Voluspa Macaron Candles, Set of 2 



Bath & Body Works candles ain't got nothing on these fly macaron candles. The sweet scent of buttercream and crushed candy canes will quickly spread throughout the abode.


Jay Import White/Gold Marble Rectangle Board

Nordstrom Rack

Jay Import

The hostess can make a cheese board or app tray that the guests won't forget on this board. The contrast between the white marble and gold is the best thing we have seen all week.


KashmirVIII "My Girls" Coaster Set


Never underestimate the power of a dope coaster set. The oh-so-talented artist, Kashmir, created the "My Girls Coaster Set" featuring the amazing Living Single cast set to add some cultured flair to your home. "Coasters are a bold way to bring creative designs into your space—without committing to a large art piece. Add them to your dining table, brighten up the living room and accessorize your next party."


RITUALS PRIVATE COLLECTION Black Oudh Parfum d'Interieur 



Word on the street is Oudh is the smell of musky luxury. RITUALS recommends using a single spray to create an invigorating ambiance at any moment – it immediately personalizes a room.


Santa Barbara Design Studio Sippin' Pretty Cocktail Straws 


Santa Barbara Design Studio

Does it get more extra than gold metal straws? I don't think so. It's the perfect dose of extra. And best of all, you'll be saving the planet by helping erase the use of plastic straws.


Black Card Revoked - First Edition

Cards For All People

Game nights aren't game nights without Black Card Revoked. Through friendly debates and humorous interpretations, you can find out who has the blackest cards with some of your friends and family. In 2018, Black Card Revoked marked a new first in U.S. history as America's first black culture trivia television game show airing on Viacom's BET Network.


AD SKIPCO Bamboo Wine and Cheese Display Board with Wine Caddy


If you noticed that your hostess with the mostest frequents wine country or the wine aisle on the regular, this gift is for them. It's serving made simple with premium quality bamboo. Best of all, it can be transported to the patio or the park.


Crosley Executive Portable USB Turntable with Bluetooth



Music is essential for any gathering. There's not a soul on this earth that won't enjoy a party if the music is banging. We love the vintage feel of the Crosley turntable. Plus, it also has dynamic speaker range and Bluetooth capability.


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