Gabby Douglas Addresses Her Critics And Receives Support From Social Media

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Gymnast Gabby Douglas sprinkles her BlackGirlMagic wherever she goes, and she's definitely not worried about no damn hair!

If you haven't been following along, this year the Olympics are in Rio and along with a few others like Simone Manuel, Gabby's been representing well. But she's also been dealing with a lot of criticism about her hair, people accusing her of bleaching her skin, and a National Anthem debacle that she had to address.

She's also addressed her hair before when she was a guest on Don't Sleep! with TJ Holmes and she was very animated but well poised as she talked about a range of topics including the criticism she received on her hair during the 2012 Olympics. She told TJ that the focus should have been on her being the first African-American female to win the Olympic Gold in All Around Gymnastics instead. "I was like, "I don't care about my hair now, I'm just gonna get my hair done after the Olympics."

And she's right! People are so focused on her appearance and other things that they aren't realizing the type of example she's setting for all the little girls and Black women who are watching. Especially those that support her!



We have to stick together!!

In the interview, she also talked about her new memoir, influencing young African Americans to join gymnastics, her desire to act and wanting to meet Beyonce.

Check out the highlights and video from the cute interview below:

Gabby on who is handling her finances

I have an agent, and my mom, we call her the momager. They kind of work together.

On her first big purchase

I splurged on my first Louis Vuitton bag and my Louis Vuitton shoes.

On her Vampire Diaries acting role

It went very well and when I did my little acting scene it was so fun, and I'm so honored that I got to do it. I've been bit by the acting bug. I think I might pursue it. I really want to play like the Diva and be like "Water!" Like I think that would be so cool! I love to play like different acts like the diva, or the mean girl, the funny girl, I think it would be fun.


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