Future Clears Up Photo Of Ciara With His Baby Mamas: 'My Sister Was In The Pic'

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Ciara and Future attend Drake concert afterparty at Reign

Ciara Brittni

When you are a woman who chooses to date a man with multiple kids, there comes a time when you may have to play nice with his kids' mothers for the sake of your relationship.  Now that Ciara has an engagement ring and is rumored to be carrying Future's seed, there wasn't a better time for her to make peace with the mothers of Future's kids than this weekend during his tour stop in Atlanta.

Earlier this year, the ladies engaged in some subliminal shade throwing, however, it was all smiles between Cici and Brittni Mealy, the mother of Future's 1-year-old son, as they posed it up for pics which they captioned, "#familyaffair."

Afterwards, of course the blogs went H.A.M. while claiming that Future had five kids and counting, but he cleared that up real quick during an interview with Atlanta's Streetz 94.5 radio. He told them:

My sister, she took a picture with my kid's mother. My sister was in the picture and [they said], 'It's one of his five baby mamas.' Everybody thinks I got five baby mamas. [I have] three.

I have three kids. My son, he's eleven. My little girl, she's four. I have a one-year-old. My boy Prince.

Peep more pics of the family affair and watch Future talk about his kids below:

Brittni Mealy & Ciara Come Together for Future

Brittni Mealy & Ciara Come Together for Future 2 Brittni Mealy & Ciara Come Together for Future 1

The young lady to the far left is the mother of Future's 4-year-old daughter, India Jai. (Technically, there are two of his kids' mothers in the photo. One is missing.)

Future and Jessica Smith

Future and India Jai.

Although Future already comes with three kids, Ciara definitely wants them to have a few kids together.  During an interview with E! News, when Ciara was asked if she was interested in starting a family one day, she responded:

Absolutely, you gotta go one step at a time. You know, that's what I live for. My mother and father were married for 30 years, and my grandparents 50 years, so it's only right. I'm an only child. I want to build a big family because it's me, my mother and father, and I'm the only child.  My mom has three brothers and they have two kids, and my dad has five sisters and they have no kids. So, imagine how small [my family is.]  I definitely want to do that. I want a big house and big family.

Images via Instagram | Prince Williams| ATL PICS

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