Here’s How The Full Moon In Aries Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Choosing to put yourself first isn't selfish. It's self-care.


Have you been prioritizing the needs of others over your own? Feeling stretched thin as a result? This month's Full Moon in Aries will ensure that you start putting yourself first. It's about time, Queen! Deep down you know it's overdue. In astrology, the Full Moon is a period of reckoning, manifestation and culmination. You are likely to find yourself on a fast track to resolution or closure when it comes to the people, relationships and situations that have been putting an unnecessary strain on your mind, body and spirit.

This Full Moon in Aries, taking place on October 20, will form an opposition to the sun in Libra. Aries, which rules self-assertion and courage, will directly oppose Libra, the sign that rules relationships, balance and harmony.

Any imbalances taking place in your relationships now will have to be rectified, for better and for worse - no matter how much you've been trying to avoid it.

On the positive end of this, you may find yourself finally taking the leap into making things official with that special someone. Otherwise, this moon phase will highlight any imbalances in your relationships. They will be brought to the forefront of your life in some shape or form so that they can be addressed or concluded. Expect to finally receive closure over an issue that may have been bothering you on a subconscious level.


Don't be surprised if you receive revelations about friends, your significant other, your job, or a close loved one who you may now realize has been taking your kindness for weakness.

Have you been financially supporting someone in good faith but are now starting to feel a little salty about it? Your hunches about feeling taken advantage of will likely be confirmed in some shape or form. If you've been dating a hobosexual on the low, you are likely to come to the realization now and cut that person loose!

Any relationships that end or revelations that you receive during this time are meant to set you on a path that is better aligned with the people, places and situations that are most beneficial to you.

The energy of this moon phase is especially suitable for self-care. Take some time to pamper yourself! A moon ritual bath is an ideal way to heal and manifest during most full moon and new moon phases. This is especially true if you are dealing with a breakup.

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Here’s what your sign can expect during October’s Full Moon in Aries:


You will decide to take your relationship to the next level, otherwise you will cut them loose.


If you've been carrying more weight than normal financially or at work, it will be addressed during this period.


Expect issues with neighbors or siblings to be brought to your attention for immediate resolution.


Work-life balance incompatibilities that have been simmering underneath the surface may finally come to a head now. Whatever happens is intended for your greater benefit.


Feeling isolated from your friends due to your responsibility as a parent? You will figure out how to strike a balance now.


Schedule a visit with your doctor to figure out the source of that nagging, mysterious symptom you've been dealing with for the past few months.


Now's the time to put your foot down in your relationships. Never feel guilty about making your needs clear to others. Whoever takes offense to what's best for you isn't meant to be in your life at this time.


Has sex or a lack of sex been getting in the way of your bag? Or of you feeling anything less than the Queen that you are? Sexual incompatibility of all forms are likely to be addressed during this time.


Don't be surprised if you find yourself taking a brief impromptu trip locally or abroad in the week preceding and following this moon phase!


You may finally hit a stride in your career where you finally enjoy a healthy balance between your work and your home life. Your career may now set you on a path to experience a closer relationship with your fam, or to finally put some money down on your new crib.


Do you feel like you're being pulled in two different directions when it comes to old friends and new friends? Now's the time to reflect on who is meant to join you on the next part of your life's journey and who you've outgrown.


You are likely to receive an epiphany or significant message of some sort during this period. Pay attention to your dreams. They may reveal something noteworthy about your health or your job.

A Full Moon is an ideal time for gaining closure, or for manifesting all that you've dreamed of and have worked hard for. Use the dynamic and fresh energy of this moon phase to bring your dream life to fruition.

The primary theme of this month's Full Moon in Aries is that of establishing balance and boundaries between yourself and your loved ones.

Choosing to put yourself first isn't selfish. It's self-care.

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