All The Looks That Slayed Carnival 2019

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While some people were on Bourbon Street living their best life for Mardi Gras this past week, women in Trinidad and Brazil were setting the streets on fire with their jewel-adorned Carnival outfits and masks for this year's celebration. As a Louisiana native, I know a party when I see one. Mardi Gras season in New Orleans is like nothing else in the world, but the extravagent costumes and glamour at Carnival are truly a sight to behold. When I visited my mom for Christmas two years ago in St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, I learned that they host their Carnival events December-January, while islands like Barbados and St. Vincent celebrate in the fall and summer seasons. Although Carnival takes place at various times throughout the year all over the globe, the celebration in Trinidad and Tobago is one of the biggest in the world and brings people from all over.

With roots in Catholicism, the Trinidad Carnival is celebrated before the Lenten season begins. After the end of slavery in the Carribean in 1834, the celebration took on a modern meaning that was representative of their newfound freedom. Much like Mardi Gras, there's a huge parade on Fat Tuesday that calls for a lot of fun and even more bedazzled costume lingerie. Among our favorite celebs taking part in the festivities this year were Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson, who celebrated in Brazil, and B. Simone, Chilli and Ashanti who partied it up in the Carribean.

These were some of our favorite Carnival outfits:



Featured photo by Instagram/@ciara.

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