Fan Tweets Hilarious Reaction To Being Kicked In The Face By Ciara

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ciara kicks fan in the face during lapdance 8 ciara kicks fan in the face during lapdance 7

We're pretty sure this isn't the 1,2 step Ciara fans had bargained for from her tour but one "lucky" guy will take it.

C-Squad goes hard. Ladies, "that on the floor, upside-down, over your head and around his shoulders" move may look sexy, but if it's a tricky one for Ciara- then you may want to consider filing it under the 'don't try this at home' category.

Last night, Ciara continued her Jackie tour in her hometown of Atlanta, and of course she had to go big for A-town real quick! During her ultra sexy lap dance routine that has since went viral from the day the show kicked off, the show experienced a bit of a glitch. When perfectly executed, Cici's raunchy dance number, when executed flawlessly, should go something like this:

However, that wasn't the case last night. Super fan Tavi Chavez was handpicked from the crowd and as Ciara's dancers were prompted to hold Tavi's arms to the side while Cici crawled between his legs and prepped her move, she appeared to somewhat struggle while attempting to headstand onto his lap, and instead kicked Tavi in the face. Of course being the pro that she is, Cici gave it another whirl and eventually finished the routine and in the end, was met face to face with a smiling Tavi.

Of course once the clip went viral, people attempted to drag the naturally gifted dancer and singer but not on Tavi's watch! The hardcore C-Squad member hopped on Twitter to let the haters know that his idol can kick him in the face anytime:

I ASSURE you, that kick was NOT as bad as it seemed. I'll cherish that kick for the REST of my life!!

SN (side note): she kept my hat!!

I had NO soul when I was on stage tonight!! A complete out-of-body experience!!

Don't feel bad, who else can say they got kicked by their idol?

I. Lost. It! thank YOU for tonight!! You don't know how much it meant to me!! @ciara

Y'all Faves out here falling on & off stage, up and down stairs, but trying to come for my Fave because she graced my face with her boot?

My soul exited my body the FIRST moment I locked eyes with @ciara during that lap dance last night.

I now see why people say that pictures do @Ciara no justice. She's EVEN more gorgeous in-person! I was in complete awe at her beauty!

Her face is so radiant. Like, that's true beauty. Not a single flaw! GoddessARA!

Like, I could REALLY go to a @ciara concert at least once a week! That energy was insane! Hate to see great things come to an end!

Hilarious! Fan mode on fleek!

And to Ciara's defense this is a move that requires one to: start off in a headstand between the guys legs, kick yourself out of a headstand and onto his lap, wrap your legs around his waist and end face to face- all the while looking sexy. Sounds hard even for the best dancer!

Meanwhile, a clip of the infamous love tap made its rounds on Instagram. Check it out below:

ciara kicks fan in the face during lapdance 4Tavi with Ciara's makeup artist Yolanda.  He's such a good sport!


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