What Does The Fall 2018 Equinox Mean For Your Zodiac Sign?


The September 22nd Equinox is here, marking the end of the summer season. The days will get shorter and the nights will grow longer, and we will feel the seasonal changes along with Mother Earth.

This seasonal transition is more than just seeing the color of the leaves change and cooler temperatures setting in. The Fall Equinox gives us the opportunity to harvest our intentions from earlier this year, enter into a vibration of lasting abundance, and process and unpack any dense energies that come up from our shadow selves.

This read will break down some of the energy that comes with the switch of Summer to Fall, how we can embody the changes and some divine insights on how each of the four astrological earth elements will be influenced by seasonal shifts.

Transitions & Surrendering

Across the globe, no matter what the climate or culture, the four seasons of our Earth changes. In many countries, children go back to school, certain government programs restart, the fashion, film, and television industries produce a new season, certain recreational attractions either close or reduce schedules. Everything externally transitions into a new cycle.

During the Fall Equinox, its seems like we also go through transitions in our personal lives. If you are making a move, going up a grade, or starting a new position, no doubt it feels like you are making a lot of adjustments. The Fall season pushes us to get practical things together in order for us to flourish. You might have an inclination to pay off all of your bills, get your driver's license together, set all of your appointments, buy fall wardrobe, etc...

This is the perfect time to reset.

On a personal level, what have you learned so far this year and over the summer that you are committing to changing or transition out of? If you no longer want to work in the industry you've been working in, the Fall equinox gives you plenty of wind beneath our wings to transition out of it.

Have you made any breakthroughs in your life or career? The Equinox seems to energetically pull our timelines to a close. What has culminated over the last six months for you? How are you in a different place emotionally and physically? It's all about acknowledging how you are different and how your surroundings are either holding you back or transforming for your greatest good.

Meditation Tip:

If there's any way in your life that you are holding onto old news, it's time for you to surrender to the future, and what is becoming in your life. Get really still and quiet in your mind and visit the places where you know there has been some resistance. Take a deep breath into this dense energy and break it up as you breathe out through the mouth.


Out with the old, and in with the new!

Harvesting Intentions & Manifesting Abundance

The Fall Equinox is all about harvesting! Agriculturally, harvest means the time of year when crops are ripe and ready to be gathered. The harvest is the time when you reap what you sow. As a verb, to harvest something means that you pick or gather.

What intentions have you set earlier on this year that have taken root and have begun to bloom or bear fruit? Has any of your intentions manifested into the very beginning of what you ultimately want? Has any of the work you've put in from the beginning of the year and over the summer begun to show why all your hard work is paying off? The energies of the Fall Equinox help you realize what you have begun to sow.

Take a moment to realize how your intentions are manifesting. Imagine your goals in each little step that you've taken so far during this year as a long yellow brick road being built. Take a step back and see just how long the road has become and how far you've traveled. Express gratitude for how things are building. This is how you utilize Equinox energies of abundance. The Earth herself is yielding abundance from her crops. Use the resources you've gained and think out the box and ways that you can use these things to your advantage and grow your wealth.

Meditation Tip:

Now would be a good time for you to release any blocks you have around money and manifesting abundance. Imagine yourself embodying the Equinox energy and try a guided meditation surrounding releasing abundance blockages.


The universe has placed me in the perfect position to harvest my intentions, and continue to manifest abundance, wealth, success, and love.

Becoming A Better Version of Yourself

On an energetic level, how do you feel yourself changing? Are you seeing the world through a different lens? What changes in your behavior are you seeing for the better? What parts of your personality that the longer serve you are ending? Now is the time to observe how you are leaving one cycle in your spirit and entering another one. What is leading you toward empathy, compassion, and unconditional love for self and others?

The Fall Equinox energy has a way of showing us aspects of our "shadow self," or subconscious minds. Whatever comes up for you as repressed or unpacked emotions will likely be felt strongly. Instead of pushing them back below the surface, unpack and face what makes you uncomfortable.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to what your truest self is trying to communicate.

If you are able to release heavy emotions, unrealistic self-expectations, negativity, and egotistical mindsets, the Fall Equinox will feel like you are floating above new ground. By emptying out old baggage and replenishing your spirit with progression, positivity, and acceptance of self, you transition into the new Autumn version of yourself. Look forward to the next season of your life.

As we go with the ebb and flow of our lives, with all of these Autumn vibes surrounding us, certain energies will be more potent for us than others. Now that you know some key energetic themes, click through the gallery to see what may affect you the strongest based on your zodiac element.



Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn signs will be learning how to truly surrender to the divine timing of their lives as the Fall Equinox energies hit. We are so used to hitting the ground running and wanting things to materialize rapidly.

Over this year, we likely have learned that things do not occur when we want them to, rather they fall more into a balance and sequence. Expect more synchronous happenings to lead you where you need to be.

Also this season may bear fruit of justice or karma finally working in our favor in a way that we have felt blocked. Allow whatever you have been remaining strong for, to finally unravel in your favor.

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