Eyebrow Maintenance: The Pros and Cons of Threading, Waxing and Tweezing

One narrative that has resurfaced year after year during my time as a beauty consultant is eyebrow growth (or lack thereof). While most of

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Long before the eyebrows “on fleek" movement, women have concerned themselves with the proper and clean maintenance of their brows. Relatively speaking, eyebrows are such a small feature of the face but make such as a big difference in your appearance from the neck up. It's quite fascinating if you ask me. There's nothing like a perfectly arched brow to really set off the fresh face or even made up look.

When you're a makeup artist, beauty consultant or any other cosmetic related professional, you'll get some interesting horror stories and testimonials from clients. One narrative that has resurfaced year after year during my time as a beauty consultant is eyebrow growth (or lack thereof). While most of these clients were more concerned with an easy fix such as some type of brow drawing/filling product, I was more concerned with how the problem came about in the first place.

I probed my client's brains to try to get an understanding as to what could be causing their eyebrows to not grow at all, usually in their later years. Most of the women claim to have had perfectly thick brows in their younger years but now can barely find a trace of hair to even draw on a false brow. The one thing that these women had in common though, which may actually be the root of the problem, was excessing plucking of the brows. Ah ha!

While many women fill in their brows regardless of the thickness or thinness of their natural brows, I think it's worth saving the trouble of being in the position where filling in brows wasn't a choice but a necessary daily ritual to feel comfortable on a day to day basis.

Let's go through the pros and cons of the 3 most popular methods of shaping brows: threading, tweezing and waxing


This method has been becoming more popular as of late but to some is still pretty much a gray area. In this method, thread is twisted around the hair to remove it from the follicle.


  • A very natural look can be achieved because of the individual hair removal nature of this technique
  • No heat or chemicals are involved
  • It is a great technique if you have sensitive skin



  • Finding someone to professionally thread your brows may not be as easy to come by
  • Some irritation may still occur on the skin
  • The method is sanitary assuming the technician refrains from putting their thread in their mouth/ letting it come into contact with your skin
  • This method may take a little longer than the others depending
  • It can be more expensive than the other methods


This method is probably the most dated of the three, yet any still there are still many women that run to this as their primary method of maintaining their eyebrows and not just a quick clean up.


  • Tweezers are relatively inexpensive and readily available
  • Most people can get a hang of using them to remove unwanted hair
  • Most times, you don't need to pay a professional to do it for you
  • You can achieve a natural “untouched" look from tweezing because of the individual removal of hair



  • Tweezing may be a bit painful and is likely to cause irritation and/or ingrown hairs
  • If tweezing is done incorrectly or excessively, there is a chance that the hair wont grows back at all!
  • The hair grows back quicker than other methods
  • Can be more time consuming than the other methods


This method is one that many women are familiar with and welcome with open arms, even though in involves putting a hot chemical on the skin.


  • It's debatable but some estheticians say that waxing has the longest regrowth period
  • Hair in unwanted areas may not grow in as thicker as before
  • Seeing as most salons offer eyebrow waxing, it is readily available



  • Sensitivity to the wax is common, usually causing small red irritation on the area where was applied and pulled from
  • Waxing versus the other two methods may give too much definition, leaving brows arch in sharper lines than wanted because groupings of hair vs small patches are getting removed
  • Hyperpigmentation may occur
  • If not properly used, skin burning may also occur

While choosing a brow shaping method may ultimately come down to personal preference, it's a good thing to have the pro's and con's laid out to help you make your decision especially if you were considering trying a new method.

What's your preferred method of shaping your brows and why? Share with us #xoBeauty

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