[Exclusive] Morris Chestnut Dishes On Third 'Best Man' Movie & Keeping His Wife Happy

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Morris Chestnut Interview NB 2013 1 Morris Chestnut Interview NB 2013

"The Best Man Holiday" raked in some hefty change this past opening while exceeding studio predictions by pulling in over $30 million at the box office.  This past weekend, we were with Morris Chestnut as he surprised moviegoers at Rave Crenshaw Theater in Baldwin Hills, and afterward Morris sat down with Bitchie correspondent Fallon Mercedes for a little chit-chat surrounding the film.

According to Morris, we can all breathe easy since it's looking like "Best Man" will see a third installment.  He also dished on having to lose 30 pounds to get Lance's pro-athlete body, and then having to gain it back to keep his wife happy.

Catch the interview below:

Do you believe "The Best Man Holiday" is going to be #1 this weekend?

My fingers are crossed! They say 'Thor' is going to catch up on Saturday and Sunday but we did get them on Friday. It would be huge if we could knock off someone like 'Thor' for #1 box office so we’ll see what happens.

Critics have been calling this movie a black romantic comedy. How do you feel about that?

It’s so much more than that. This movie has all the elements. People come, they’re laughing then they’re crying then they’re laughing and crying again. It’s so much deeper than a romantic comedy. I just think it’s just a really, really good film.

If you could predict your character for the third "Best Man," how would you write out your character?

Well I actually already know what I’ll be doing. I talked to the director.

So you’re confirming there is a "Best Man 3"?

Well, the people still have to speak. When the people come and they show that the movie is successful there will be a third and he is already breaking down some storylines for my character in the third movie. So I kind of already know a little bit.

[Sidebar: Morris gives away the film in the interview. We removed it for the sake of not causing a riot :) ]

Do men experience the same pressure as women to stay in shape?

I do because even Malcolm told me when I started this movie he wanted me to get down to a certain type of body weight. I wanted to do it because my character is still a football player and he’s still playing in the league. So I wanted to come and show the physique of a professional athlete. Then once we started rehearsal Malcolm said he wanted me to get down a little bit lower. 'Hey Morris, do you got that V that the women like?' So yeah, I said I’ll lose another 10 pounds. It was 30 pounds total.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 5.07.46 PM
If you were to make a workout plan what would it entail?

It depends because some people are genetically gifted in some areas. Some people have thick legs so they don’t have to do much to your lower body; some people have thick chests and arms so they don’t have to work that. So it just depends on the person. I had a great trainer. I did a lot of cardio and a lot of dieting.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate! I have a big sweet tooth and that’s what made it so hard because my sweet tooth is so strong.

I think a lot of women are sweet for you but it is 2013--do you get hit on by a lot of men as well?

No, I don’t think I’ve ever been hit on…no you know what I probably have been. I’m happily married and I don’t roll that way. I don’t discriminate. Whatever people want to do, I don’t have a problem with it.

How does your wife feel about your physique and can you give any tips on how you made your marriage last so long?

Well, I think communication is what makes a marriage last and she doesn’t care about the physique. She don't really care about that. [Looks at wife] Now I'm sweating. She wanted me to gain more weight. She was like, 'You look too skinny! You’re too skinny.' So I said, 'Okay I’ll put the weight back on.'

It's good that you have an encouraging wife ...

To tell me that I look too skinny! I was losing weight for the movie and she’s like, 'Ah, you know baby you look good but it’s too skinny.' She wanted me to put back on some more weight. That’s why on the whole tour I look bigger to gain my weight back to keep my wife happy.

Have you ever gotten mistaken for another celebrity?

I think some people think that I’m Taye Diggs sometimes. I’ve been called Taye Diggs before and I think that’s pretty much it. I think they just see us in the same movie then they get nervous. They probably call him Morris, I don’t know.

What’s next for you?

Hopefully it will be the sequel to 'The Best Man Holiday.' I’m doing a new TV show called Legends on TNT. I’m going to be producing and starring in a movie in South Africa. Just trying to keep it moving.

Watch the interview below:

By the way, if you are seeing strange coding instead of video, YouTube is down. There's a first time for everything!

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