LAHH's Yandy Smith On Embracing Mendeecees Kids: "The Way He Loves His Sons Taught Me How to Love Mine"



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On Monday night, the world got to witness the beautiful union between Love and Hip Hop New York's Yandy and Mendeecees Harris, which took place in none other than NYC! The televised wedding special aired on VH1 and aside from it being a pandemonium of reality-tv attendees, it was also a family affair as the couple's kids split some major duties: Lil' Mendeecees was the best man and younger sons Aasim and Omere were ring and sign bearers. Cute!

We recently sat down with the couple leading up to their big day to discuss a few things, including being a "modern family" and having a blended family. Between the both of them, the couple have four kids- with Yandy and Mendeccees having two children together (2 year old son Omere and 3 month old daughter Skylar) and Mendeecees other sons, Mendeecees Jr. (10) and Aasim (3) from two other women, whom Yandy is actively involved in raising (PS: Yandy confirmed in a previous interview that her husband's middle son, Aasim, was conceived during their breakup back in 2011).

Catch what the newlyweds had to say about blending their families and raising a new "modern family" below:

Yandy: See I loved him because of how he loved his son. And that son came from somewhere, from another woman. So for me, I couldn't love him, and I don't know how women do it, you can not love him and not love what comes from him. You can't.

The way he loves his son, taught me how to love my children. And I can't front, when I met this man, he was always bringing Lil' Mendeecees- at the time he was a little, little baby- and he was everywhere. And when he would come over, he would have his son with him. And I just loved how he loved him so much. And I was plotting like, when I have kids, I'ma have kids with him because he knows how to be a daddy. And that's what helped me love him.

I'm the type of girl who wants to have a relationship with whoever he has a child with because they're going to be in our lives. Like, we were going to Disney one year and I asked him, do you want to ask Lil' Mendeecee's mom if she wants to come? This is her son's first time going to Disney. I don't want to have beef. I don't want to have problems. For what? Who needs the extra drama? I don't.

Yandy and Mendeecees Blended Family with Daughter Skylar 2


Mendeecees: I didn't want to be with someone who didn't want to have any relationship with my kid. At the end of the day, I couldn't see myself being with someone who didn't want to have a relationship with my kid. Because at the end of the day, my kid comes first before any woman. So putting them together and making them have that relationship, yeah, it definitely helped me love her more. Because it's like a package deal, it's 2 for 1.

I met her at 27. A lot of people that age- who doesn't have a kid? Most people have a kid so early on, I think I waited late. Her mother had her at 20. So my mother had me at 20. So 27 was like 'Damn, I waited late.'

Yandy: And I definitely had my first at 32.

If I could change the term and help to create a different connotation with 'Baby mama', you just think baby mama drama when you hear baby mama. So no one wants to be called a baby mama. But it doesn't have to be drama filed. It really just shouldn't be.

Yandy: This is our modern day family. There are so many people now, dare I say, that have more blended families than just pure [families]. In my community anyway.

Mendeecees: Especially in the music industry and as far as sports and entertainment, everybody has a blended family. These are guys with a lot of money. So they can't make up they're mind what family they want to settle in. So just because no matter how successful you are, all I see is blended families.

Yandy: I learned so much. It was set up perfectly because I learned how to be a mom before I had my own. And I appreciated that. Because I learned how to love Lil' Mendeecees first before I have my children. I never had to love somebody that needed me [before Lil' Mendeecees].

Watch the interview below!

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