[Exclusive] Drake Spotted On A Romantic Dinner Date With Zoë Kravitz

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Drake and Zoe Kravitz

Drake's charming ways are paying off. He's getting all of the ladies.

Now, we all know last week, he was throwing dollar bills at a Houston strip club with Rihanna, but it seems as though Lenny Kravitz's daughter Zoë has caught Drizzy's eye as well. Last night, Drake was spotted arriving at Gjelina restaurant in Venice Beach with the young actress/musician for a romantic dinner date.

According to our spies, they were seated outside on the patio where Zoë drank wine, laughed a lot and was full of smiles. Meanwhile, Drake's bodyguard sat on the inside of the restaurant making sure no photos were taken. When dinner was over, Drake was a gentleman and waited for Zoë outside of the restroom before they exited the restaurant together.

Photos have also emerged of Zoë hanging out on Drake's tour bus this past weekend. According to Global Grind, Drake has been crushing on Zoë since 2011 when he tweeted:

Zoe Kravitz on Californication...my two favorite things in the world. But she's not a thing...she's everything.

How cute!

Drake and Rihanna...or Drake and Zoë Kravitz?



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