Elle Varner Drops the Musical Clap Back of the Year (+ She's Rapping?!)

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Elle-Varner-Raps-on-The-End-of-the-Beginning 3

"If I'da gave it up to everyone who wanted some,

My Louboutin count would be at 101!"

Go off!

It appears as though we are in the musical era of the "new classics." After rapper Tink gave us a flawless flip of Aaliyah's classic "One in a Million," singer Elle Varner put on a new hat and channels her inner Lauryn Hill and gives us three minutes of straight rapping- and it's actually pretty damn good.

Elle Varner's latest track, "The End of the Beginning," is the musical clap-back of the year and quite possibly, the decade. Yes, the singer who won our hearts with "Refill" and was pretty quiet during her beef with fellow singer K. Michelle, taps into her book of rhymes and not only reads a few people for filth, but also manages to take shots at an entire society of women fixated on selling themselves short for a few bags and shoes, all the while being honest enough to admit that she often ponders how much easier life would be if she too were a ho. Oh!

And unlike some singers who switch up their styles in a desperate attempt to stay relevant, it appears this edgier side of the singer might only be new to fans, the way she flawlessly and effortlessly goes off on her latest track.

Peep some lyrics below:

These are the woes of a 20-something-year-old

Single black female addicted to retail

I'm single 'cause I trusted every asshole I ever met

And lately I've been fed up with that sh*t

It ain't been working out so well

So now I'm soaking in this Starbucks, sipping skinny caramel

Iced soy macchiato, wondering what life would be like if I was a ho,

If I'da gave it up to everyone who wanted some

My Louboutin count would be at 101

And rent, I'd never pay that sh*t again

And Angelina did it, and since she hasn't spent a penny since

But me, I'm just as stubborn as my mother

Never depend on another for my check...

I've been jet-black and blue without you

The illest that I've ever been in a sea that I'm drowning in

It's sink or swim for me now, on the real I don't know who to be now

And I don't wanna rebound

Can't get with the get down

I'm good with picking apples from the ground

And running 'round town with a clown singing "who's sorry now"

I thought about it just to make you jealous

Act like I'm doing business from an empty office building

Instagram flexing like my living was dependent

Like "ooh you missed the party, everyone was in attendance"

But you, it's all in my imagination

You running back to me, the scene I'm constantly replaying

It's borderline obsessive, my words were so offensive

I'm good at burning bridges, not so good at climbing fences...

Go 'head, Elle! Peep the entire track below and tell us what you think:

And because the lyrics are so long (but soooo good), check out page 2 for the entire song lyrics.

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