Elle Varner Confirms Fallout With K. Michelle Over The Song 'Cold Case'

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Elle Varner BET Awards Weekend

If it's one thing Elle Varner doesn't do, it's drama.

Over the weekend, her former friend K. Michelle threw some serious shade after Elle posted a picture of herself and Meek Mill together. But K.'s beef with Elle wasn't really over Meek Mill, as most people suspected. The two girls had a fallout earlier in the year after Elle released a record titled "Cold Case" which K. Michelle claims she helped write (and didn't get credit for). She also accused Elle Varner of jacking her style.

This weekend, The Jasmine Brand, caught up with Elle during the BET Awards festivities, and she brushed off K. Michelle's shade, while making it clear that she was the one who wrote "Cold Case."

That’s unfortunate that she [K. Michelle] feels the way that she feels. I don’t, I never have and that’s

something...I can't. I don't do drama. I don't...[shrugs].

If anyone remembers the Meek Mill drama and me saying I curved him and it was like this big thing. Well that was our first time seeing each other since and we laughed it off. It was funny. It got taken out of proportion. So whatever she took from that, just not my problem.

Elle Varner and Meek Mill 2


Elle also added:

And I wrote Cold Case, by that way. I'm sorry. I have to say that. Solely!

K. Michelle definitely says otherwise:



This "beef" seems pretty one-sided from where we're sitting!

In other news, "Cold Case" is said to be inspired by Elle's breakup with NBA star Iman Shumpert last year. Iman is currently dating singer Teyana Taylor.

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