The Art Of Dressing For Your Shape


As women, we have so many unique things to bring to the table, including our various shapes, shades, and sizes.

I love that we're in a culture where women of every size love their bodies and aren't afraid to clap it up for other women who unapologetically rock theirs. Whether you're holding it down for the thicker than a Snicker girls or rocking a slim fit figure, there's an art to dressing for your shape that will enhance every curve and edge. While times have changed and the now seemingly ancient rules, like curvy girls should steer clear of horizontal stripes don't really apply, it's still good to know what works best for you and your shape. Check out some of my favorite tips and tricks below.

Determine Your TRUE Shape

There are two aspects to this question. For starters, if you're like me and have legit gained a good 40 pounds since college, it's difficult to realize how drastically your shape has changed. And in your mind, you still might be the same shape as you were when you were stomping on university grounds. But taking a look at your true shape is vital to do before you start figuring out how to dress it. And don't let it get you down, just do a little research on how you can rock it with true confidence.

The second aspect is knowing your specific shape. Yes, we are all familiar with the pear, hourglass, and rectangular shapes that seem to be the most common. Still, how each woman carries it is completely different. In other words, my pear shape isn't the same as another woman's pear shape. I had to learn this when I realized my 34G bra size made a huge difference in what looked good on me. I might be in the same category as countless other women, but if her bra size isn't as… unique… she might not have to be as cognizant about how certain things like button-up shirts and crop tops look.

Pose For The Camera Now… Click, Click

All of us, no matter what our shape is, want to look our best when we leave the house. But listen, I've lost count of how many times I fell victim to those moments when I think I look bomb and have this confident attitude all day, until someone takes a snapshot and I realize I don't look cute at all. Like, why did I wear this? It doesn't look even close to the way I thought it did. I might be late to the game, but I recently discovered that taking a picture in the mirror before leaving the house can prevent this mortifying moment.

While standing in front of a full-length mirror and testing the angles is also a good solution, I feel like taking a picture from a few different angles really gives you an idea of what looks good on you. Sometimes we might have seen an outfit on someone else and purchased a similar one under the impression that it would look the same on us. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. But as you start to snap photos of yourself in different outfits, you'll discover what's a win and what doesn't work as well.

Stock Up On Staple Pieces

Once you realize what your shape actually is, find out what staple pieces work the best, and go crazy. I've discovered that high-waisted anything, from pants to skirts, are my BFFs. They cover the rolls on the side of my stomach and help accentuate my shape, so it's an easy go-to when it comes to shopping for items that fit my shape. Sidebar: V-necks are a win too.

One of the best options is to Google your body shape and search for outfit ideas. You can also go on Pinterest, which typically features more suggestions from everyday women. When you discover items like this that make you look great no matter, you'll want to get as much of it as you can. Who cares if all of the items in your closet are the same and just in different colors and prints? Do what you gotta do to feel good about yourself!

Follow Women Like Celebrities & Influencers With A Similar Shape

This one will be a little bit difficult to do because like I said a couple of times, every shape is different, even if it falls in the same category. But if you get as close as you can to finding a couple women on social media who have a similar shape, you can find a few options and influences to give you ideas and inspiration. The best part is when they rock an outfit that is definitely your style and you know you would look just as great in it. I'm in no way saying to compare yourself in a negative way or feel like you have to go to another woman for validation and become an unofficial Doublemint twin.

But I've had times on social media when I get excited to see another woman with a similar shape rocking her curves, and it makes me feel like "yaassss!" Honestly, it makes me feel better about flaunting mine.

Thank God we're no longer in the days where women with curves and cellulite have to cover up, or where skinny women have to avoid oversized shirts. While there's a reason these "rules" have existed, you can definitely break them without having to answer to the fashion police. However you decide to dress for your shape, just do it in a way that makes you feel great.

Whatever your size or shape is, you can look just as amazing as the next woman. The main point is that YOU feel good about YOU.

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