[Double Standard?] Will The WNBA Turn A Blind Eye Towards Brittney Griner and Fiancée Glory Johnson's Domestic Violence Case?

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When "Love and Basketball" goes horribly wrong.

Is there a double standard to domestic violence when the aggressor is a woman?

WNBA's Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner and her fiancée, Tulsa Shock forward Glory Johnson, both 24, were booked on suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct charges after the two reportedly got into an ugly altercation on Wednesday. Despite Brittney posting a lovey-dovey photo of her fiancée on Instagram, calling Glory her "Queen, rock and universe," and a recent appearance on an episode of Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta, it appears all was far from well between the lovebirds. 

Brittney says the couple had just bought a house, and had been arguing every day leading up to their big blowout, with Glory claiming the arguments stemmed from Brittney "disrespecting her."  Although the actual fight (which went down in their Arizona home in front of guests) lasted somewhere between four and six minutes, it was more than enough time for the Mercury star center to sustain a laceration on her left wrist and teeth marks on her right middle finger from Glory biting her. Meanwhile, Glory's injuries included a cut on her upper lip and amidst all this, a male bystander was also injured when he tried to break up the battle between the ladies.

Crazy enough, this isn't Brittney's first public incident for fighting either. Back in 2010, the 6'8 ball player punched an opponent from Texas Tech during a game, resulting in the woman suffering a broken nose on the court. SMH!

Meanwhile, reps for the league and for both ladies' teams have released separate statements about the incident, saying they're investigating the situation before making any final decisions. Nike, which signed Brittney to an endorsement deal in 2013, has yet to make any comments. An attorney for Brittney released the following statement:

"The last few months have been an extremely stressful time for Brittney and Glory,. They will continue to work through these hardships together and ask that the media respect their privacy as they handle this family matter. Glory and Brittney sincerely apologize for the distraction this has caused their families, respective teams, the WNBA, sponsors and fans."

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Interesting. This raises a question on double standards. While many continue to scrutinize the NFL for turning a blind eye to domestic abuse amongst its players, it appears that more often than none, women get a pass in similar situations. Even six months after World Cup champ and American soccer player Hope Solo was arrested and charged with domestic violence for allegedly beating up her sister and nephew, she still gets to keep her endorsement deals and receives far less backlash from what isn't her only arrest (Hope also got arrested earlier this year after her husband got pulled over for suspicion of a DUI and she started "acting belligerent" towards officers, which was all recorded on phone).

In fact, last year after the Ray Rice incident, Congress called for all major men's sports leagues to address domestic violence  and to clarify their domestic violence policies, while making absolutely no mention of the WNBA and other women-led athletic organizations.

As of today, both Brittney and Glory have been released.

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What are your thoughts on this situation? Is there a double standard in abuse?


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