Does it Truly Cost More To Be A Woman Than A Man?

One Glamour video took it upon themselves to test out the theory of it being expensive to be a woman. To no surprise, the results

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“Being a woman is so expensive.”

This is something that I heard my mom say time and time again when I was younger, but never quite understood what she was complaining about until I was on my own and had to support my own self-care wants and needs. I personally feel like my self-care/beauty routine isn’t even that extensive but my bank account, which recorded a few hundred dollars worth of “health and beauty” purchases last month, says otherwise. Of course it took into account a few of my unnecessary trips to CVS and Target but I know for a fact that I spend a pretty penny yearly on self-care products alone.

One Glamour video took it upon themselves to test out the theory of it being expensive to be a woman. To no surprise, the results confirmed that yes, being a woman can take a nice little chunk out of your bank account on an annual basis.

The video approximates what a woman would use in a year vs a man. In this particular break down the woman in the video purchased $1,832.55 worth of self-care and beauty products while her male counterpart spent just $691.52.

While I feel like the video was pretty accurate, I took it upon myself to test this theory and push it to the limit. This breakdown includes my staple items that I use regularly and I opted to exclude tools (brushes, blow dryers, etc.). I’m sure if I included my splurge items and tools, I’d cry and stop writing this article to reflect on life and my crazy spending habits. I also took the liberty of asking one of my guy friends to provide me his own personal self-care expense report. Let’s take a look. 

That’s overwhelming and doesn't even include getting my hair done or mani-pedi’s or eyebrow waxing. Now either Shawn is super low maintenance or being a woman is actually very expensive compared to being a man. Of course, I and many other women, could take the route of buying extremely cheap products to get us through but there’s absolutely no fun in that and plus we can’t help that we like what we like.  Though I complain about how expensive it truly is to be a woman, I would never want to be a dude because quite honestly in my opinion it just isn’t as fun.

I took the initiative of asking a few more of my male and females friends about their spending habits on self-care products, just to fully test out this theory.


According to my own research, yes, it absolutely costs more to be a woman than a man. Even the most high maintenance man that I know was no contender to most of his female counterparts. Now only if we could claim a "woman's maintenance" credit on our taxes.


Do you too feel that you spend a ridiculous amount of money on self-care and beauty products as a woman? We’d love to hear!

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