5 Deep Conditioners Your Curls Deserve


Just in case you missed the memo, deep conditioners can often be the curl savior your hair desperately needs.

You might be surprised by the results you receive by simply incorporating the right products into your weekly wash regimen. Sometimes, knowing where to start is half of the battle. That's why I'm showcasing 5 deep conditioners that will help curly girls solve all of their curl woes. Here goes:

 DevaCurl Sea Repair Deep Seaweed Strength Mask

Has heat damage or chemical treatments taken a toll on your hair? This protein-packed strength mask is for you. Composed of seaweed, rice, soy, and wheat proteins, DevaCurl Sea Repair Deep Seaweed Strength Mask restores damaged hair back to its glory. You can also take advantage of this mask prior to straightening to help prevent the possibility of heat damage. You won't get a fragrant aroma, but you will revert your curls back to their healthy bouncy state.

Featured image by Getty Images

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