Your Monthly Horoscopes: December 2018


Have you been met with miscommunication, unexpected travel delays, issues with technology, unaccounted for events - or a general feeling of being overwhelmed lately? Blame it on the retrograde. Mercury retrograde was back in full effect as of mid-November, and wreaked the most havoc in the signs Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Virgo.

Luckily for us, the third and final Mercury retrograde of this year is on its way out as of December 6th, and with its exit, makes room for the positive vibes from the lovely planet Jupiter to enter. Jupiter will be in its own sign of Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years and it will be influencing all of us in very good ways. Most of us will be ending the year with a bang and setting ourselves up for success in the year to come. Thus, the theme of the month is clarity.

Check out how by clicking through the gallery and learning what the month has in store for your zodiac sun sign:


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Where are you going? Where will you be? You are more inclined on setting up what you want to achieve for the next year. Mercury went into Sagittarius in November tracking your mind onto matters of what you want to achieve in your life overall. But come mid-November, you may have felt downtrodden due to the Mercury going retrograde leaving so many of us feeling a bit off-kilter. This feeling of 'ungroundedness' will abate, though, come December 6th when Mercury goes direct.

Come December 12th, Mercury will be going into the Sagittarius, the sign of optimism and growth, and will stay for the following year. For you, the start of this transition for you will hit your house of friendships starting in December. Although you are already naturally focused on community and friends, there will be an extra push to lend a hand and be generous, especially with your intellectual abilities. Be careful though not to overextend yourself too much; you have a tendency to give to the point where resentment will creep in and make you do a lot of soul-searching and wondering about the nature of people.

Come mid-December, you will feel more centered and trusting of your fellow man. During the end of 2018, with everything going on in the world today with politics and world affairs, your natural empathy towards your fellow man had taken a turn towards deep reflection in your own world and how you fit in to all the madness around you. December will bring you out of this funk and you will again feel happy to be around your fellow humans.

You may discover a romantic connection at a work-related holiday party or business conference. With Venus in the 10th house of career, it is very favorable for you to find a romantic relationship at work. On the flip-side, you might "romance" your business partners into getting on board with a creative and exciting idea that you may have, as you will charm the socks off of them during this time. With the combo of Mars in the 2nd house in harmony with your Venus in the 10th house (the two traditional "money/career" houses), this is the perfect time to focus on career advancements or a new career altogether.

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