The Dating Trends Defining The Way We Date This Summer
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The Dating Trends Defining The Way We Date This Summer

We are shedding our homebody ways in 2022 and radiating big "we outside" energy. Here's what's in store.


The only thing constant in life is change and if these past couple of years have shown us nothing else, it’s that life be life-ing. Amid the pandemic, we saw (and continue to see) a lot of change in the way we lead our lives. It shifted the way we work, the way we approached our health and lifestyles, and the way we dated. This year is shaping up to display change in a different way, as many of us enter a season of a new normal and adapt to dating trends that better mirror who and how we are today. The weather is heating up and so is the potential for romance, as once again, we are shedding our homebody ways and radiating big “we outside” energy.

Dating trends in 2022 are less about the virtual dates and video call introductions of 2020 and more about mindful and exploratory dating. If you find yourself wanting to test the dating waters this summer, here are the trends Bumble predicts are on the rise for 2022. And as the old saying goes, stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

Being single is a vibe.

Since the pandemic, mindfulness has been a buzzword that is constantly at the forefront in many facets of our lives. All it means is a focused awareness of the present moment. And if you ask me, it’s a welcomed addition to how single people choose to date. ‘Choose’ is the operative word here. Social isolation has reportedly brought about a rebirth of enjoying one’s solitude. This in turn makes 53% of Bumble respondents cite that they were okay with being single, while 54% of single daters want to be mindful about when and how they date.

Mindful dating allows for daters to be one with themselves while also being present with potential dates. Instead of fighting their relationship status, this person is grounded and centered in their journey to love and the growth that comes with it. Mindful dating can look like communication that is open and honest, self-honesty, understanding your emotions, and ensuring your actions are in alignment with that.

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Open-mindness is reaching new heights.

“Exploratory” is the dating approach that 43% of Bumble respondents listed as their focus in 2022. Furthermore, open-mindedness is becoming more of a focus in the way we date. As time passes, people grow and so do their tastes. Daters are reportedly less likely to stick to a specific “type,” and are expanding their horizons to accommodate people and experiences that pull them outside of their comfort zones and speak more to the person they are now. More openness is also being placed on the types of relationships we are in as well, as single daters are more exploratory of different relationship dynamics and styles.

When it comes to attracting love and people, single folks are practicing flexibility, and adaptability, and are reserving judgment to widen the pool and experiment with aspects in a partner and a partnership that they otherwise might not have considered.

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Dry dating is a thing. 

The customary “let’s meet for drinks” is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. The stress, uncertainty, heightened awareness around mortality, and grief surrounding the height of the pandemic led to many people gravitating toward drinking more alcohol. Dry dating and sober-curious dating have started to see an uptick in popularity as 25% of people in the U.S. say that they are drinking less than they were pre-pandemic.

And what is sober-curious dating? It's just as its name alludes: a curiosity of dabbling in sobriety by decreasing your alcohol consumption. The intent isn’t necessarily to quit drinking completely, but it is about making more choices in dating that aren’t alcohol-centric. Some ways you can engage in dry dating or sober curious dating include going to the movies, the bowling alley, visiting a museum, meeting up for coffee, or even a non-alcoholic drink (mocktails are all the rage these days).

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