8 Crochet Hairstyles You Need To Try This Fall


Sew in, where? I think we've all come to a unanimous decision that crochet hairstyles are one of the cutest protective styles out right now. And with fall coming sooner than later, it's the perfect time to either try or continue those styles.

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While I've been one of those women who are known to rock a solid sew in until the wheels fall off, crochet styles have proven that they are in a lane of their own, and possibly even healthier (not to mention they require way less maintenance). So what better way to kick off the fall season than with the crochet style? Check out a few ways you can rock it.

Get Boho Chic

When I first saw these, I was like, "Look at crochet stepping up their style!" They've come a long way and styles like these Boho locs are more than enough proof. They're probably one of the easiest crochet styles to wear as they only call for you to take off your bonnet, flip the hair to your desired side, lay down your edges, shake, and go. There are also a ton of different ways you can style these that are super cute like a high bun or the half-up style. If you want to swerve from the regular, you can also get a light brown/blonde color too. Whether you rock these long or shoulder length style, these are a win for anybody this fall.

Which crochet look are you going to try this season?

Featured image by Zakiyah Shani

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