These Couples Getting Married In Creative Ways Despite COVID-19 Prove Love ALWAYS Wins

Lovebirds are taking to Zoom, Skype, and social media to connect with their loved ones for virtual weddings and we love to see it.

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Picture this: it's the year 2020 and life is good.

You're madly in love with your best friend and you're engaged to be married. You've spent months carefully budgeting and planning for a beautiful springtime wedding with all of your family and friends only to find that the coronavirus has made its way to the U.S. and shit has officially gotten real.

While the thought of having the wedding of your dreams indefinitely postponed may seem like a nightmare to many of us, this was a reality for every bride who planned to tie the knot this spring and it's upsetting me AND my homegirls. Although some couples decided to reschedule their wedding dates, the stay-at-home order didn't stop these newlyweds from coming up with creative ways to tie the knot from home.

Lovebirds from all over the world are taking to Zoom, Skype, and social media to connect with their loved ones for virtual weddings and we love to see it. Although remote weddings are only currently only technically legal in New York and Colorado, it has also served as a sentimental way for couples to honor symbolic dates in the relationship, like Abena and Ade, who tied the virtual knot on April 4th. Abena told HuffPost:

"4/4/2020 was a special date to both of us and it wasn't going to come around again. We had a two-year engagement and were dating for 10 years. Our wedding date signified a new beginning for both of us."

For more couples who made our hearts smile by jumping the broom from home, scroll below!

ESSENCE/Melanie & Gerald Harris

Melanie and Gerald Harris were among the few newlyweds who, fortunately, were able to keep their wedding date. Because gatherings of less than ten people were still a thing, the couple's loved ones were able to come together to make Melanie and Gerald's day one they will never forget. Melanie told Essence:

"We were able to still honor our wedding day and get married on March 21st, 2020 with a small ceremony (shown above) at my parent's house. We were encouraged by Gerald's parents and sister who told us, 'You can't postpone love.' So we made things official with a few of our family members, the minister and our 'flower dog', Mika. My dad made us a homemade wedding cake and even crafted a bouquet and boutonniere. My mom pulled out her fine china gifted by my great grandmother for her wedding day."
"I thought we would wed in Savannah with a beautiful rooftop ceremony followed by amazing food and dancing. But thanks to Mrs. Rona my day was nothing as planned. And yet it was the best day ever and I wouldn't change a single thing. This whole quarantine season has really reminded that the most important thing we have is love. On April 11th, I was surrounded by love from our family and friends who watched our 'I do's' on zoom, love from all the vendors who made last minute adjustments to accommodate us, the love from my thoughtful husband who made sure this day was magical, and most importantly the love of God."
"The last two weeks have been incredibly difficult. Required to hold off on a day we've been planning for a long time. We felt confused, sad and almost like the world was conspiring against us. When we put this day into perspective, we realized that there was no need to postpone our joy."
"To all of the couples out there feeling personally attacked by COVID, it will all be okay and you will have your special day. My husband and I have bonded in a way that is indescribable. We have a story to tell our kids that we survived (I may tell them we fought off zombies for good measure). And we're here. We did it. Do not postpone your joy (just keep health and safety in mind)."

Family and friends from all over the world and neighbors tuned in from the comfort of their windows for the celebration of Neil and Iyabo's blended union in Atlanta.

Featured image by Instagram/@shutterstock.

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