Countess Vaughn Responds To Critics Of Her Butt Selfie: 'Kim Kardashian Can Do It --No Problem'

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Countess Vaughn butt selfie censored

After seeing her bottom about a thousand times and in every conceivable angle, is Kim Kardashian the only person with a pass to show her booty butt cheeks online?

That's what Countess Vaughn wants to know.

The Hollywood Divas actress, who got a tummy tuck and liposuction on the reality show, found herself getting dragged to bits on Instagram recently after posting up a weight loss belfie [butt selfie] that critics thought was too racy.

The image, which showed the top half of Countess' booty, is pretty tame when compared to what we normally see, but because Countess isn't Kim Kardashian or a size eight, the actress thinks the public can't handle the jelly that was transferred to her booty almost a decade ago.

Speaking with MadameNoire, Countess revealed that the shot was just her feeling beautiful and is rooted in self-love, not publicity stunts.

On why she thinks people were openly critical of her:

It’s crazy because people like Kim Kardashian—she’s a mother—she can go and show a picture with no problem, but I guess it was just too much booty, honey. Some cheeks they can’t handle and I guess mine was doing too much. It’s okay, I’m standing up for those girls who look like me. They want to see themselves so, at the end of the day, that’s what I’m all about. There’s a market for girls who look just like me and that’s who I’m entertaining and that’s that. There’s nothing wrong with us loving our bodies. It doesn’t start at size 8. You don’t get down to a size 8 and say, ‘Okay, I can love me now.’ You have got to love yourself wherever you’re at.

On the belfie's backlash:

I don’t mind. I don’t care. Just like I stated on there, it’s just self-love. I can understand that people don’t like it. It’s okay. I know everybody doesn’t love me and I can deal with that. That’s just the nature of people. People are going to react however they want to react and I embrace it—whether it’s good or bad. So you know, I know what’s up. I don’t trip about it because at the end of the day, it’s about me loving on me and understanding that this is where I’m at right now and I feel beautiful. If that bothers somebody then I’m sorry it does, but this is where I’m at. I’m about self-love. You can state how you feel about it.

On what she wants to tell her critics:

Don’t try to hurt me, now. When it gets to the point when you say you want to meet me out in the streets and hurt me over a picture, well that’s not what I’m about. It’s self-love. I love myself.

Countess, isn't the only one wondering why Kim Kardashian is handed passes nowadays. During a recent interview with Sway In The Morning, when asked if she's had plastic surgery, Dawn Richard responded:

But I find it interesting that the same people who have a problem or are deciding to have a problem with what they think I’m doing, are loving the same chicks who have obvious work done. They’re like, blatantly knowing that [they had work done] and that’s their idols. It’s so odd to me that people post something negative on me like, ‘She’s a disgrace,’ but then turn around and like have the chicks that we all know that they got work done but they love it.

I’ll see somebody say something negative but then they’ll go and like, like Kim [Kardashian] or something. We all know and she’s cool with it. She’s gorgeous. It’s fine. But like, how is that fine but you’re all over me?

Catch Countess Vaughn's entire interview over at Madame Noire.

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