Cloud Nails Are Seriously Your Next Dreamy Mani Trend

This newest trend? It's one so simple, you only have to look up in the sky.

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If you're like me, then you love making a statement with your nails. I mean, hair is definitely a great way to catch somebody's eye, but a nail design that can stop people in their tracks? Flawless. Like hair and makeup trends, nail trends come and go — we've seen all types of animal prints and different shapes as nail artists and people on Instagram have taken to trying out new ways to express themselves through nails. Pretty much, the only thing that stays the same is change!

But the newest trend? It's one so simple, you only have to look up in the sky: Cloud nails. Glamour and Refinery29 have both discussed the trend and how seemingly simple it is to pull off. Personally, you can achieve this style right from the comfort of your own home as long as you have your polish of choice, your cloud color, a sponge to apply the ombré, and a top coat! The best part is that no two clouds are shaped the same in the sky, so that leads me to believe that they don't have to be on your nails, either.

But what do you think? Is it a trend you'd rock or something you'd pass on? Well before you make up your mind, here are 13 examples of cloud nails that may just inspire your next mani.

Maybe you're looking to go slow into a new beauty trend, and that's OK. This person did a basic pink gel mani and did one cloud-accented nail. Voila!

Don't be scared to go bright and bold! Get two bold colors and then use a sponge to apply the white on top once everything has dried.

Prolong your mani with a neutral base color and then add an accented ombré with your clouds for a little flare.

Featured image by Justine Skye/Instagram

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