Ciara Calls Out US Weekly For Posting A Fake Interview

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With Ciara and Future's relationship reportedly a wrap, everyone seems to want that first quote from Ciara.

And apparently, nobody wants it more than US Weekly because they went ahead and ran an interview that Cici is claiming never happened.

The web publication broke the story of the split this morning and now they've posted an "exclusive" claiming Ciara told them that she's very happy and focused on being a working mom.

I want to be one of those moms and women that when I look back, I know that I always stayed focused," she explained. "It's about keeping your eyes on the prize. Before I had a child, I had goals. And I still have to accomplish those goals, but now that I have a child, I have more goals to accomplish. So I can't waste time. I have to go for it. It's actually pushing me harder, and forward. I'm in an even more expressive place. I think that when you become a mom… you don't really worry about the small stuff. I'm just way more centered. It makes you focus even more on what your goals are in life. And I just feel a whole new spiritual energy that's happening."

Okay, now here's where things get confusing.  Ciara took to her Twitter today and slammed the magazine for posting an interview that she says she did not do, however she never mentioned if their original report that said she ended her engagement with Future was true or not.

She posted:

I did not do this interview with you! This is a lie, and tasteless! Must you be that thirsty to create a story?! Unbelievable!

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She did indeed do a round of interviews yesterday while she was filming an episode of MTV's House of Style, including one with E! Online.

In the interview, when asked about Future, she answered with a quick smile:

We have crazy schedules, but we work it out!

She also revealed, while talking about her son:

When I tell you it's the most life-changing experience ever. It's been the most beautiful experience. I feel like my son has been a gift from God and I'm enjoying every bit of it.

For now, it looks as though we may have to wait for Ciara or Future to release some music to hear the truth from their own mouths.

Watch her brief interview with E! below:

Or catch it over at E! Online

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