This Is How Ciara Responded To Breakup Rumors

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Ciara and Russell Wilson in Washington DC (5)

It was literally all good just a week ago!

Update: This post has been updated to reflect the latest information. Scroll down for more!

Who knows how long they were dating before publicly attending that Mariners game together, but it's only been a month since Ciara seemingly found love again in Russell Wilson. And, it's barely been a week since Russell was in Maryland watching her kill the stage and supporting her. Now, media outlets are reporting that the two may have pumped the brakes on their budding romance before we can even come up with a cute Omeeka-type name for them.

According to E! News, Cici and Russell may have called it quits for now:

A source just revealed to E! News that "things have gone a little rocky" between the pair. As a result, they are taking a little break in their relationship. "They haven't broken up yet," the source explained. "But things are not looking good."

Another source, however, cites their busy schedules and thinks they may end up getting back to it.

Through all the highs, a source recently confessed that their two different careers can sometimes take a toll. But with any relationship, a little work and effort can go a long way. "Things are a bit busy for both of them now," our insider shared with us. "But they are willing to make time and see where this may go."

We remain optimistic as well, but Ciara's Twitter timeline may be saying otherwise. She posted two cryptic tweets recently that may shed some light on her current relationship status.



Hopefully, these two work it out. Ciara deserves a W in the love department!


Ladies, don't bother sending Russell your application for the role of "boo thang." That position is currently still being held by Ciara! And we no longer have to put "rumored" anymore as the singer is officially claiming the Seattle Seahawk. While shutting down break-up rumors, Cici posted a cute pic of her and boo, along with the caption, "That's Bae Today #TBT" and a wink emoji for good measure.

Russell Wilson and Ciara

Rumors squashed!

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